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Hello there!

I have compiled Makeobj-Extended.exe from latest passenger-and-mail-classes branch of simutrans-ex using VS2015.
Then followed instruction on Spenk009s instruction for using MO script for latest passenger-and-mail-classes branch of pak128.britain.

Then script runs for very short couple of second then exit itself....
What is problem?

(I have no knowledge of programming...)

Then it is amazing. If any video player or image view is able to open that folder is a different matter.
Technology is amazing if we can call our porn-folders "🍆💦" xDDD
UTF8, UTF16 and UTF32 are just encodings of Unicode, using one or more units of one, two and four bytes respectively. All support the full range of Unicode characters. So that Windows uses UTF16 for the file system doesn't mean anything to Simutrans, except that it must support Unicode to deal with all possible paths. The filename 😀.txt is legal. I just created such a file. Whether Simutrans uses UTF8, UTF16 or UTF32 to do so is up to Simutrans.
Simutrans Extended Development / passenger and mail classes
« Last post by Ves on Today at 09:17:23 AM »
Thank you very much for all your work on this, and apologies that I have not had a chance to look at this earlier. I have now merged and pushed your latest work onto the passenger-and-mail classes branch after merging from the master branch and fixing the bug to which you refer above.

Great! I will check up on that!

I am in the process of reviewing this, so I may amend this post in due course, but one thing that I notice is that the passenger display always separates passengers by class. It seems to me that this really ought to be optional, as there are many situations when it is more useful to know the total number of passengers than the details of the class; a simple checkbox, perhaps, which, when unticked, reverts to the old behaviour of treating passengers from all classes alike.
This was the trade off from incorporating it directly in the simconvoy_t and simhalt_t instead of in freight_list_sorter_t. A better way overall would be to have it in the freightlistsorter, changing the sort button to a scrolled list and add a bunch of new sort options, but I had to give up on that since I could not figure out all required steps in the freightlistsorter. I think some remains of my attempts are commented out in that file.
Therefore, I initially did not want to do too much work in the sim..-files. I do, however have an idea that should be quite easy to implement that would achieve what you want.

Edit 1: I have made one or two minor fixes and changes to some GUI elements. One query, if I may: does the comfort display in the depot window take into account catering? The former comfort display used to show the comfort level with and without the effect of the catering on board a vehicle.
I have made the comfort display in the depot window (and elsewhere) follow this syntax:
"Base comfort + catering comfort"
So if the catering car has a comfort of 100 and is a catering car, it would look like:
"100 + 20"
I like to know the logic behind the comfort, and I think doing it this way helps the player see through the mechanism.
What do you think?

Note that the "+20" only comes visible if the cars class matches its catering level.

Edit 2: Similarly, it would be extremely useful to be able to see the combined passenger capacity in the deopt/replacer window for each vehicle that a player may purchase.
So you mean in the depot window something like:

P_class[0]: 100
P_class[1]: 50
Total: 150

That would actually also solve the overcrowded display issue.
Every time i fly to Berlin from Tokyo, I see my hometown from above roughly two hours before touchdown in Paris. This is 2h out of 13h so the detour is 30% of the whole trip in Km or rather 40% timewise (depending on connection times). So also in real life large detours exist.

Seems as if they should build a larger airport in Berlin... oh, wait...   ;D
But also: Tokyo-Berlin: 8900km; Tokyo-Paris: 9700km; Tokyo-Frankfurt: 9300km. So the airport you could use (I guess Paris is chosen for reasons of price and timetable, which don't exist in Simutrans) is 400km away, on a trip that would take 8900km. Even if you count it double since you go backwards to reach it, you'd have 800km out of 9700km travelled, so only 8% of your travel distance is detour.
Furthermore, in Simutrans, you would choose the "best" route, even if it is terrible. If your only option to go to Tokyo would be to land in Johannisburg(South Africa) first, you'd do it. But is there a seemingly "better" connection? Is there a flight route from Berlin to some airport in northern russia, from which you can go on to Tokyo, even if the plane wouldn't be as fast or comfortable, to optimize your distance with the same number of interchanges? Despite being a terrible idea anyway, I don't know of any such airport.

Looking at the map provided, D-C-F would already be 30% detour. D-A-B-F means you'd go well over double the distance of a direct connection. Landing in Johannisburg...
The game does not even look for distance, just for the number of interchanges/stops. There are situations where it takes the longer way because of that - but what's happening here is not the game failing.
The current one is not hackish. Supporting more than 65535 characters is not needed for any living language, and simutrans has no been need of emoticons. Furthermore, even the TTF font display routines will not support UTF32 on windows. As soon as there are windows TTF fonts with more than 65535 characters (and even for those only few support the far east) then we shoudl consider an extension. But since UTF16 is the files system by definition on windows, I see no pressing for support right now.

Also symutrans has a relatively complete unicode font, if you install the chinese language support. The wenquanyi_9pt.bdf is quite complete, an I think I included also the codepages from cyr.bdf in it. (Have done this a long time ago.) In principle Simutrans can do internally UTF8 for all languages, the freefont is on my todo list for ages too.
basically, it means that tree plantation D would allow its direct competitor (!), tree plantation E, to store its products on their own cargo ramp, and vice-versa, to provide the competitor with a more convenient delivery route to their mutual customer they compete for.

Technically, you as the transportation company have bought land next to each factory and have built a warehouse on your own land. What you do with that land is up to you. No products are being stored on the factorys' lands.
Extension Requests / Re: Prevent Interchange at Specific Stops
« Last post by prissi on Today at 07:54:31 AM »
Disallowing transfers is not easily possible without a lot of changes (albeit doable). Much easier would be an unload and leave empty flag in a schedule. That would create one way connections, but that should not pose a big issue for programming. (I think this has done before as a patch, one of the many to be considered that had been lost with the old forum.)
Due to lack of underground-specific art. You can get some great underground station addons at the SNFOS web site though.

Specifically here:
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