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Way and wayobj dependent retaining walls
« on: September 08, 2017, 08:26:55 PM »
Essentially as stated in the subject, allowing the retaining walls to be set by the way or wayobj that is placed in the adjacent tile. This would be mostly for aesthetic reasons, so can appreciate it would be low priority. However, with the decorative wayobj currently in the pipeline this seemed like a complementary feature, if its at all possible.

From my side of things, I have been going back through my various bits of concept art and I have a few assets that could potentially work as way dependent retaining walls as shown below. These were coded as ways in order to display them in game, but this does restricts rotation of the map.

If this can be done then fantastic but if not no worries.



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Re: Way and wayobj dependent retaining walls
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 06:38:34 AM »
I agree that retaining walls need some love. Eg. they could be climate and timeline dependent, and the way they are created might change as well (have one structure per side, masked to the area needed, plus "top" and "bottom" overlays that are placed over them to alter the top edge and bottom edge)

But let's talk "realistically". I think currently, walls take up only one bit per tile, defining whether it's rock or basement, perhaps not even that and it just looks up whether there is a building on the tile. More options would require more bits, obviously, and you'd have to start considering how many different walls should be available. But note how currently, all four walls of a tile use the same texture - so in order to be able to change only one face, you'd need four times as much information stored.
Just 'looking up' other information should work if it is simple information easily accessed. Whether there is a building on the same tile is quite simple. Similarly, it would be easy to ask the climate on the same tile, or the current game-time. Looking up if there is a way on an adjecent tile in that direction that links to a different wall-pak is, in comparison, quite difficult I imagine.

Though it seems quite clear that what you are trying to achieve might be better done by allowing assymetric ways and wayobjects, such that the rotation would no longer be an issue - something discussed a few times by now. These walls could go with any way of any type, so making them a decorative wayobj that can be placed on every way makes a lot of sense.