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Patches & Projects / Non-cityroad patch
« Last post by HyperSim on Today at 12:15:42 PM »
Here is a patch to prevent road replaced by city roads.
This patch will avoid undesired changes of high-speed roads (highways for example) in the city.

City roads are useful I know, but sometimes undesired changes of city road cause a decline in efficiency of transport.
(For example, city roads sometimes destroy highways.)
We solved this problem in two different ways.

Watch this video and see how they work.
I think it's easier to understand than to read this description.

The one method uses special way-objects and mask roads you don't want to be replaced.
We made a new category of way-object that can be used together with road catenary.
To make this way-object, write "no_cityroad" for waytype and write "road" for own_waytype in the .dat file.
Then, open in the pak folder and add "wayobj(9)" and "general_tool[33],,,9" in the roadtools.

Here's advantages and disadvantages of this method.
Good Point
 You can choose any kinds of roads to protect.
 Very easy to use.
 When you want to stop protecting road, when you build a new highway for example, just remove no-cityroad way-object.
Bad Point
 You have to update makeobj.exe and edit
 It's difficult to cover large area.

The other method uses config and set the speed threshold to decide which roads are replaced.
When simutrans try to turn the roads into cityroads, the program check the speed limit of the road.
If the speed limit is larger than the threshold, the road is not replaced.
To set the threshold speed, add this line in
"city_road_threshold_kmh = XX"
If there's no setting of this parameter, use 70km/h for threshold speed.
And if you set "-1" for this value, you can use current simutrans rules, all roads will be replaced.

Here's advantages and disadvantages of this method.
Good Point
 You need not do anything special to use this feature.
Bad Point
 You can not control which road will be replaced.
 You can not protect low speed road.
 If there are catenary on the road and the speed limit of the road is lowered, the road will be replaced.

I could not make .patch files, so I attach some .rar files that contain source code we changed.
We used the revision r8264 source to make this patch.

Thank you.
In that case, do you have a link to the base map that you used? In what in-game year did you import that map? The roads all seem to say "built 1750" and some tracks were first built in the 1800s. If this map did not develop during online play, am I allowed to add another railway line to serve unconnected towns (in an area of the map that doesn't represent real Britain) or should I leave the network as it is?
Thank you,
Thanks Ters, didn't find that one when googleing.
I'll try it out. I hope I can connect to my r8163 server using the nightly. I don't want to update the server to nightly because Players were already confused about installing addons...
Simutrans Extended Discussion / Re: No passengers and mail
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 09:09:37 AM »
Splendid, thank you very much for your help.
Simutrans Extended Discussion / Re: No passengers and mail
« Last post by grivlad0 on Today at 09:05:59 AM »
Folder structure:
\ Games \ simutrans \
\ Games \ simutrans extended \
I noticed both versions of the game store the settings in the folder
\ Users \ my documents \ simutrans \
Maybe this is the reason
In general I am satisfied with traveling passengers, and will continue to translate
Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: More players on network games?
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 09:04:14 AM »
One also has to limit the maximum upload bandwidth that each server application instance can consume otherwise someone joining one game can cause all games to lag and potentially disconnect everyone from them due to the poor synchronization model currently used by Simutrans (no safety frames).

Interesting, thank you for the tip. Do you know how to do this in Linux? Incidentally, is this something that is known to happen from testing, or is this something that you predict will happen? If the latter, it might be worthwhile testing this.
This map is not one that has developed during online play, but rather a large map intended approximately to replicate the UK network that I uploaded to the server to see how it copes with running a large and well developed map.

This is supposed to represent the old Great Central mainline, I think.
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Matériel Français
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 08:53:21 AM »
Concernant les constraints, j'ai limité le nombre de caisses intermédiaires car il y a toujours la possibilité de faire des UM en illimité, mais si vous pensez que la liberté d'ssemblagz totale est mieux alors je les virerai ;)

Théoriquement, oui. Après, bien qu'elles soient calquées sur la trame SNFOS et que la voiture de tête n'aie aucune constraint, on n'est jamais à l'abri qu'une loco du pak soit dessinée sur une trame différente...

C'est frai qu'il y a comme un air de famille... ;) après, il y a quand même pas mal de changements non plus (positionnement des fenêtres, couleur de la bande peinte, liserai TER, face de la voiture d'extrémité non pilote, toit, et j'ai également dessiné les "vagues" des parties inox des flancs...)

Bien vu, je corrige ;)
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Menu sauver
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 08:27:56 AM »
C'est la que la magie du forum prend toute son ampleur ;)
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Simutrans 64 bit ???
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 08:18:22 AM »
Ok merci beaucoup tout le monde c'est bon ! ;)

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