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Not all the fopen calls have been changed, and cannot currently until makeobj uses simsys or the API is ported to a separate header. It still works mostly because the working directory is changed past all the non ASCII folder names and so it only has to open an ASCII folder name. It will still break if the file to be opened needs Unicode or the multi-byte code page loaded does not support ASCII.
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Renouvellement des images SNFOS
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 11:41:08 AM »
Ah, je pensais qu'il s'agissait d'une image représentant le plus possible la réalité mais dans Simutrans...
Tant pis...

Sinon j'avais fait une sauvegarde avant de "trafiquer" les add-ons mais en ayant simplement refait le sol autour du mur de façon un peu plus propre...

It works correctly on r 8314 as long as I checked.  Thanks.
As a workaround, you can use the ground.Outside.pak from the downloaded compiled build, as this will not have changed significantly with the passenger-and-mail-classes branch.
Now I help of Ves I got to stage that it is writing PAKs but simutrans executable doesnt recognise wrote pak...

There is some issue with writing Building ground.Outside.pak  :-[
Yes, there was disturbingly many of them scattered around the code.
It seems a few change directory calls were overlooked during the IO migration.

Try r8314 or later when it hits nightly.
Hello, everyone.

Unicode file path patch is amazing and will help many player in Japan and other Asia country.
I tried it but I found some bug in Nightly build r8310.
If I put "simutrans" folder in the path with 2byte characters (for example "D:\ゲーム("Game" in Japanese)\simutrans\simutrans.exe"), I can, just in case, start simutrans but nothing is displayed!!
I think that font file was not loaded correctly because I cannot select Japanese, Chinese and so on, which use 2byte characters for its font.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: passenger and mail classes
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 12:01:20 AM »
The catering affects the comfort very simply: there is just an increase of a fixed amount in the comfort of the whole convoy when one or more catering vehicles of a given level is added to the convoy. This is separate from the catering revenue.

As to making the state saved, may I suggest using a static variable?

Edit: I have now had a chance to review your latest changes: thank you for that. One bug that I have noticed is that, in the vehicle classes display, when a vehicle has multiple classes, the wrong capacities appear to be shown: if you use the testing saved game that you sent to me and reset the classes on the passenger trains, you will see that the displayed class capacity for each class is only 48 when the class separation display is enabled, whereas it shows it correctly as being >400 when it is disabled.

Another issue with the vehicle class display is that, while it shows something different from the stop classes display (i.e., what class of accommodation that the passengers occupy rather than their underlying class), the display appears to be exactly the same, which is likely to cause players to think that something is wrong when some passengers marked in a stop as "medium" board a vehicle and immediately become "low". Do you think that you could make it clear that different things are being represented here?

Also, I notice that the new checkbox takes away some vertical space from the convoy and halt information windows; could this not be positioned so that it does not do this? The current position reduces the useable window space.

In the depot window, the total capacity display is very useful, but I notice that it is only used when a vehicle has more than one class. It would be much easier to interact with, I think, if it were consistent, and displayed the total capacity even when a vehicle had only one class so that players would have only to look for a single total capacity display for every vehicle. Also, is there any need to have a new translation text, "total_capacity" for this? Would not the existing "Capacity" text be better, to take away the need for this text to be re-translated into a large number of languages?

Thank you again for your work on this - it is much appreciated.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: passenger and mail classes
« Last post by Ves on Yesterday at 11:52:37 PM »
Ok, so how precisely does the catering affect the comfort in a convoy? I think Im still a bit confused  :P
But I think I then will rephrase the "catering_income_pr_km_(when_full)" to something like "estimated_catering_income_pr_km" to illustrate that it is difficult to predict.

I have now made a button, both in the convoy window and in the halt window.
I do however have one problem:

I wanted the window to remember the state of the checkbox, so you dont have to tick it every time you open a window. I have made what I think is correct, however the state is not saved!
Even so, in the convoy window, the state randomly alternates between checked and unchecked upon opening convoy windows...

the changes are live on my usual github branch (dont touch the translation basefile yet please! :) )
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