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Possible additions to the classes thinking
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:13:49 AM »
Hello James,

I was thinking about this when I was working on the upgrade notifications mentioned elsewhere on the forum. That results in whenever a vehicle can upgrade, a text would be shown in the vehicle details window as well as some indications with the color of the line status and convoy status.
This made me think about when to use the upgrade feature, and that I have used it in pak.sweden to differentiate between different types of vehicles and even different setups pf the same vehicle. The prime example is the sleeping cars, which consists of a lot of cupes, and where the upper beds are folded away during daytime, but put down during night time. As this is no unique Swedish invention, but quite normal around the world, there are potential many cars that could benefit from this feature.
Currently this is done by making the vehicle upgrade into one another, the sleeping car can be "upgraded" to a sitting car and vice versa. This way the amount of seats or beds can be adjusted accordingly as well as the comfort can be manipulated (higher comfort on sleeping cars to allow for longer jurneys, even though there are no night time in simutrans) and even predefined classes. It is however clumpsy, and kind of breaks the illusion that it is one car. Also, the new upgrade notifications would be permanently turned on for these vehicles.

So, the thing I was thinking about is, if it would in some way be possible to have multiple "setups" of a vehicle. So I in a datfile can make, say two, setups looking like this:

Code: [Select]
# setup 0


# setup 1


# above example could represent a sleeping car which can be made into a sitting car

This can then be changed inside the game using the new class manager (assuming we only allow setups to be used for passengers). Using the above syntax would result in that you dont need to fill it in all cars that anyway only have one setup.

Imagine in the future, when the schedules maybe is a bit more advanced than currently, you can set in the schedule a car to change setup as well as classes on the fly. Would that not be cool?  :)