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Pak128 / Re: pak128 2.6 : track set completed
« Last post by Woratiklis on Today at 12:42:49 AM »
I think that it is already worthwhile to introduce a new version with current changes.
Since the last release a year and a half passed...
I do not know how to compile...
Community Discussion / Re: Linux deb Packages/Repository
« Last post by gregsharp on Today at 12:04:56 AM »
Debian requires openSource. And not all graphicsets are openSource.

Debian has a non-free section.  Maybe this would be appropriate.

And there are other distributions the deb packets use. There the Debian Repo can lead to problems.

If you improve the existing repositories, I think it will be widely used.  The independent distribution is useful in a different way.

This is only my small some idea for increasing popularity of simutrans.  I thank you for your hard work!  It is deeply appreciated by the community!!
Thank you for the report: I have now fixed this by putting its introduction date back to 1856.
Splendid, thank you for that. From what I understand, the reason for this limitation is that it is thought that, without the limitation, the graphics code would take too much CPU power. Are you able to profile the game before and after this change to check whether the CPU usage increases significantly with your change?
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Blender
« Last post by Lieven on Yesterday at 07:56:19 PM »
Un nordiste ! (du sud ;) )

tu peut mettre le fichier blender sur un hébergeur en ligne sinon...
[FR]Français (French) / Blender
« Last post by Eric55 on Yesterday at 05:05:30 PM »
Bonjour tertous (tout le monde en picard)
J' ai retrouvé l' usage de mon pc et je me suis remis à Blender
j' ai refait un fichier de depart.
le principe est le suivant:
Pour la lumiere environementale je met 8 aéras . Ils sont parantés à un cercle (pour les bouger en meme temps c' est plus pratique pour verifier l' eclairage si besoin)
Il y a un soleil au sud pour les ombres
tout ça c'est fixe
La caméra est parenté à un autre cercle qui lui est animé.
Il tourne sur lui meme de 45 degrés . La caméra prend donc 8 vues différente de la scène (elles sont numérotées. La j'en environ 300 pour voir l'ombrage)
Les images sont en png au format 128x128 sur fond E7FFFF. Il suffit de régler la caméra en 64 ou autre selon le pack utilisé.
Comme je suis un tantinet partageur je pense que ce fichier à sa place sur SNFOS car rien n'est eternel sur le forum.
Zeno avait fait un tuto qui a disparut (tout comme les piece jointes du GLR8
Eventuelement je suis disponible pour faire un tuto.
le fichier Blender est trop lourd pour etre en piece jointe mais je peut vous l'envoyer par mail.

Finally I solved the convoy window issue!
Please see my github branch:
I changed only 2 points in gui/components/, the limitation of object drawing.
So I propose to obsolete the upper limit of drawing convoy, like this:
Code: [Select]

  if( 0 <= yypos + raster && yypos - raster * 2 < size.h ) {
    plan->display_obj( pos.x + off_x, pos.y + yypos, raster, false, hmin, hmax, 0 );
    plan->display_obj( pos.x + off_x, pos.y + yypos, raster, false, hmin, hmax );
Code: [Select]

  if( 0 <= yypos + raster ) { // <- obsoleted upper limit
    plan->display_obj( pos.x + off_x, pos.y + yypos, raster, false, hmin, hmax, 0 );
    plan->display_obj( pos.x + off_x, pos.y + yypos, raster, false, hmin, hmax );
Are there something inconvenient with this modification? ( I don't know it so I have used the upper limit as size.h * 3 currently)
The Furniture Factory introduced in April 1850 requires Steel, but until the SteelMill1855 is introduced in June 1855, nothing produces steel.

ref:  industry/furniture-factory.dat and steel-mill.dat
Simutrans Help Center / Re: cannot open font/prop.font
« Last post by fasa on Yesterday at 12:11:05 PM »
I tried, but I couldn't.
The error dialogue says simutrans couldn't find download pak sets.exe.
I tried installing 120RC and i could!(manual install)
120.01 too.(manual install)
120.11 couldn't. simutrans faded out  quickly without any error messages.(manual install)
120.13 simutrans faded out quickly without any error messages.(manual install)
           error messages appeared(as the newest version)   (install by installer)
120.2 error messeages appeared(as the newest version)   (install by  installer)
It's strange, but at least I can play 120.01.
I could also play simutrans on steam.
For the moment it is the best way for me to play simutrans.

Bug Reports / Re: Waiting vehicles enter in an intersection
« Last post by prissi on Yesterday at 03:30:12 AM »
The problem with simple isometric display is very very old and applies to other games like OpenTTD as well (which they solve by using deformed objects). You can somewhat use "better" positioned cars ith the current drawing code, becasue it reduces artefacts a lot. But there will be certain situations that are only properly solved by positioning car like this. (Also you need to realign all cars in a set, so better write a parse for the dat files.)

Depending on vehilce sizes you can greatly reduce the effect. Just pak128 has many alignments and lots of long buses, where it is very obvious.
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