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Simutrans Help Center / Old Member - Wanna get into Simutrans again
« Last post by Anime on Today at 09:04:33 AM »
Hey guys,

I used to be active on this forum years ago. Lately, I found Simutrans on my PC again and I wanna get into playing again.
However, its been a few years so I've lost the feel for the game. Any tactics/techniques to make a profitable company (and reduce costs etc) for pak 128 would be very appreciated :)

Imho. this is a problem of your script: It should accept empty schedules.
Scripting Scenarios and AI / Re: [line_x] Remove lines
« Last post by Dwachs on Today at 07:20:30 AM »
I see, 'delete' is a language keyword.. will fix tonight.
Bug Reports / Re: r8267: Can't be compile on macOS because of squirrel
« Last post by Dwachs on Today at 07:16:51 AM »
Could you try to compile with
Code: [Select]
sent to the compiler?
Scripting Scenarios and AI / Re: [line_x] Remove lines
« Last post by Yona-TYT on Today at 05:28:19 AM »
Please check r8274
For some reason the "delete()" function can not be used.  ???


This is much better for me:  ;) (line 6856)
Code: [Select]
                if (!scenario_check_schedule(welt, player, line->get_schedule(), can_use_gui())) {

I'm afraid there's a problem with this.  :-[

It seems that when I create a line "pl.create_line (wt)" it is deleted immediately.

Code: [Select]
                    // find the line - it is a line without schedule and convoys
                    local list = pl.get_line_list()
                    local c_line = null
                    foreach(line in list) {
                        if (line.get_waytype() == wt  &&  line.get_schedule().entries.len()==0) {
                            // right type, no schedule -> take this.
                            c_line = line
                    c_line.change_schedule(pl, sched)
                    convoy[0].set_line(pl, c_line)
                    depot.start_convoy(pl, convoy[0])

Luckily find a simple solution using a flag before using "pl.create_line(wt)". ;)
Code: [Select]
                    lin_flag = true
Code: [Select]
function is_schedule_allowed(pl, schedule)
    if (lin_flag){
        lin_flag = false
        return null

Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Crash on loading
« Last post by jamespetts on Yesterday at 10:01:51 PM »
Thank you for the report - I think that I have fixed this now: would you be able to re-test?
Bug Reports / Re: r8267: Can't be compile on macOS because of squirrel
« Last post by MMMHHH on Yesterday at 06:40:52 PM »
I tried add this
inside every file in /squirrel but it doesn't work...
Simutrans Extended Development / Crash on loading
« Last post by Rollmaterial on Yesterday at 04:24:42 PM »
The game crashes immediately after loading the game linked below.

[DE]Deutsch (German) / Re: inoffizielles pak64.german 0.112.3.x
« Last post by Frank on Yesterday at 03:38:14 PM »
noch ein paar Ă„nderungen und ne neue Lok

Mit den 2 neuen Loks sollten Karten zwischen 1860 und 1910 besser spielbar werden.

--- ---
CHG: InputFactor brewery, Klosterbrauerei, DU_Brauerei
FIX: data from DU_Brauerei
CHG: Productivity scrap_yard
ADD: vehicle badVIIb from Kieron/JamesPetts
FIX: Gleis_60_Schotter winter images curves

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