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Bug Reports / Re: Waiting vehicles enter in an intersection
« Last post by THLeaderH on Today at 11:47:45 AM »
Were there any trials to solve this issue?
@Tears we do that too.
The GTW is a EMU / DMU. You can build it as both. And with that, I'm not able to keep all cars of it in the same tab.

The size of the depot window there is actually our standard size for it. You can only make it smaller in vertical directions.
So even in the smallest size, there could be 3 times as much vehicles available, and it still would fit in the window.

@Leartin that's great tho.
Maybe I can add to that that if there are only two tabs with addable cars, these two tabs will be displayed?
Thank you for your work on this. I have now merged your latest changes into the AFHP branch on my Github repository. The issue with aircraft taking off diagonally appears not to be fully fixed, however: if you take the same convoy (no. 6, the red Ford Trimotor) and, while it is taxiing at Manthorne Airport from the runeay at which it landed towards the main terminal complex, change its schedule to send it back towards Crobury, the same takeoff at an angle to the runway as before can be observed.

Also, I have noticed that, for higher flying aircraft (I tested with Concorde and the Dreamliner), the image is not correctly displayed in the convoy information window: instead, the dark grey background colour is displayed, with a small fragment of the land below. Perhaps this relates to the issue discussed by Dr. Supergood above?

Thank you again for your work on this - it is appreciated.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Inserting is broken
« Last post by Ves on Today at 04:54:00 AM »
Oh, thanks! I did not have time yet to fix it. And again, apologies for creating the bug in the first place!
I think the base problem is that the automatic seperation of "locomotives" and "passenger trains" does not always make sense, especially when electricity comes along, due to powered cars with load. But powered cars with load almost always come in a restricted set - you usually can't use them as normal locomotives but only with a handful of specific cars, which in turn can only be used with that specific powered car. So if you want to build a "normal" pax train with seperated locomotive and cars, which usually allows to combine any locomotive with any non-set car, not only do you have to switch between tabs, but you also have to know which cars can and which can't be used - and constraints are not visible to the player.

Now, seperating "sets with powered cars" from normal cars is something entirely different, which would go into a "custom tab"-territory.

As for the suggestion, something that might be easier to program: What if it isn't two tabs in one depot window, but instead multiple instances of the same depots window? The upper part would show the same things, and no matter in which depot you add or remove cars, the other updates as well. But which tabs are open, which filter are active etc. could be different for each instance. An additional benefit (if that's actually easier to do) would be that each instance has it's own infobar, where information about a car is shown. If you could somehow "select" a train in the depot such that the info persists after the mouse moves away, you could also use this to directly compare two different locomotives/cars, or to select a locomotive in one depot and look for carts fitting it's stats, without ever buying anything.
I think that is a non issue. If the player wants different bridges on the same line, it would have to be built in etapes, which it anyways probably would have to be, since you have to scroll the map.

I thought not having to build in sections was the whole point of this change. With two-click construction, you can construct very large spans. Usually, I build in very small sections to get the exact course I want, and therefore has no need for automatic bridge building at all, but I have occasionally built sections that span several "screens".
All parts of a multiple unit should appear next to each other on the same tab. Most pak sets contain a lot more vehicles than shown above, and the depot windows is not that wide by default. If players can't see all parts, they are not likely to think of making the window wider. (The depot window has already become much wider than the other windows, which makes it harder to arrange with the other windows.)
Thank you very much for your report! I pushed the fixed version --- please test it.
However the teleporting of the Concorde cannot be reproduced finally... Please re-schedule for this aircraft. I think the touchdown point is incorrect due to the previous version.
And the Makefile has been changed in order to compile with both 64bit and 32bit. Use "OSTYPE=mingw64" or "OSTYPE=mingw32" instead of "OSTYPE=mingw".

Anyway, I am glad for the merging of this patch!
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Futures mises à jour
« Last post by Lieven on Yesterday at 11:23:33 PM »
Je pense aussi, ça m'arrive souvent...
[FR]Français (French) / Re: camion Citroen
« Last post by Lieven on Yesterday at 11:21:55 PM »
Pour les problèmes de clavier on trouve des claviers externes pour une poignée d'euros un peu partout ( peut servir ;) )
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