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Stories, Screenshots, Videos & Saves / Historical Great Britain
« Last post by NoMorePacers on Today at 01:29:54 PM »
At the minute I am working on a project, using the latest version of Simutrans Extended and pak.128 Britain, to recreate as accurately as possible the British rail network as it was in 1975. Now, if anybody has any information - track plans, timetables etc - that could be utilized then that would be most appreciated. Screenshots will be coming soon, I promise.
Patches & Projects / Re: Convoi auto unbunching on line
« Last post by prissi on Today at 01:24:48 PM »
Even weightless passengers would not help, because the loading/unloading also depends on the number of pax (although not strongly). And many bunching just happens because of waiting at traffic light etc.

The Hongkong test game is a nice scenario wher some lines bunch and other not, just depending on the wait and the busstops they had to travel too.
Extension Requests / Re: Changing Buildings
« Last post by prissi on Today at 01:15:59 PM »
So it would mean that for every building you want to upgrade you would need to specify a name on that description? Or would any upgrade to a current building with the same level do?

But I am not sure if such a replacement would not lead to more uniform cities than what we already have. Whereas protecting "old" buildings (maybe counting rather from introduction data?) would rather increase cites appearance. Such a protection would also naturally lead to some "old town squares" typical for so many cities in Europe.
Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: More players on network games?
« Last post by prissi on Today at 12:54:40 PM »
That is a very good point indeed.

But with servers, it is like with the whole internet (and the sucess of ASDL). There are way more consumers than contributors. You can rent a server good enough for large simutrans gams for 10-20€ a year. Even hosting was advertised some time ago. But no one, even for free hosting too that up.

I own three servers, and could connect also a fourth easily. But I lack time to monitor these games. So if there is a volunterr to oversee a server, I happily would offer one too.
Please test a newer version. A bug that sounds similar has been fixed since the version you use.
Simutrans Extended Discussion / Re: No passengers and mail
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 11:17:22 AM »
Hello, and welcome to the forums! Thank you for all the Russian translations, incidentally, assuming that you are the same person who has been posting the relevant commits to Github.

I am not aware of any issues regarding there being no passengers or mail generated in any towns. Can you upload a saved game in which this issue can reliably be reproduced?
The ones that we have from 1825 onwards are based on the Stockton & Darlington practice of having passengers stand in coal wagons. From 1830, proper passenger carriages of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway become available.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Agricultural conundrum
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 11:12:49 AM »
I think that my latest calculations are correct on the above basis: each tile is 125x125 meters: thus, a hectare, a tile which is 100 x 100 meters, is 0.64 of a tile. Have you had a look at the spreadsheet? Does that seem correct?
Simutrans Extended Discussion / No passengers and mail
« Last post by grivlad0 on Today at 09:56:20 AM »
Tell me, from what there are no passengers in cities and towns, there is no mail?
I tried various settings, different start years, different types of stations and transport.
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