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Hey there,
I just started a new multiplayer map a few days ago using 120.2.2 r8163.
I found 2 bugs affecting the UI.
I can't use player, cargo type and transport type filters of the relief map when I try to select a player/cargo type/transport type by left klicking it in the dropdown, the game won't accept the klick and instead select the button "hidden" behind the dropdown.
The only way to use the filter dropdowns is by opening the dropdown (klick on it) and using the arrow keys to select an entry.

The 2nd one affects the line list. I can select some lines by left klicking these but after a few selections there will be an offset in the list so I have to klick the line above the one I want to select.
Also, I can't select lines using the arrow keys, which is not a bug I guess but it would be nice if the window would capture arrow keys.
I hope I have reported this earlier. It seems that the coverage is in some circumstances evaluated as diamond (or Manhattan distance). So it is 3 tiles to the east, but only one to south-east.

Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Horse drawn railway passenger services (1832-)
« Last post by AP on Today at 06:43:42 AM »
I wasn't able to check in game before posting (I'm on holiday!) but I don't recall horse drawn passenger coaches being an option - if it's already possible and I've just missed it, and they are light enough to be pulled by the horses, then great. 

Pak64 Add-ons and Graphics / Re: Tenuki_Sharyo`s add-on
« Last post by TenukiSharyo on Today at 06:26:41 AM »
Type-D-Trainset-Exp_USA_Brightline vol.A (

This set includes add-ons based on the "Brightline", high-speed diesel trainsets in Florida.
They were made using "PlayerColor", so you can freely change the color of the train.
I recommend it to your map's non electric high-speed railway.

Pak64 Add-ons and Graphics / Re: Tenuki_Sharyo`s add-on
« Last post by TenukiSharyo on Today at 06:23:54 AM »
An impressive amount of work here - nice job!

I never thought myself would make such a lot of add-ons...
Thanks a comment and praise!
Pak64 Add-ons and Graphics / Re: Tenuki_Sharyo`s add-on
« Last post by TenukiSharyo on Today at 06:22:02 AM »
Sorry for my late reply...

Oh my, you-re making a complete set by yourself!

Those are very nice.

I definitely want to complete! Although it is very complicated vehicles...
Thanks a comment!
Bug Reports / [r8291] Bug about City Roads
« Last post by HyperSim on Today at 04:34:07 AM »
Build a road that is not set for city road in the
After the city develop, the tile of intersection will not turn into city road.
(See the figure1.png.  I built a 70km/h road along the pink line before I set a city, and remain the road.)

I check the source code and found that when buildings in the city are replaced and roads turn into city roads, the program checks only 4 direction.
(See the figure2.png.  Simutrans program check N, E, W, S direction and see there are any non-cityroad)
So, if a intersection is built on the non-cityroad before the road turn into the city road, the road will never replaced by city road.
Usando o concreto como exemplo:
  • Clique na Garagem.
  • Na janela Garagem, no canto inferior direito, há a ferramenta "Filtro".
  • Selecione "concreto", isso fará que a janela Garagem só mostre veículos capazes de transportar concreto.
  • Compre um caminhão e o reboque indicado por uma tarja verde (os de tarja vermelha são reboques que não engatam no caminhão que você selecionou).
  • Programe um itinerário e dê partida.
Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: More players on network games?
« Last post by yorkeiser on Today at 01:56:50 AM »
Sorry dudes for not replying before, August is the holidays' period for my wife and babies :)
I read your point of views (hard-coded chunks spotted by jamespetts, and "worries in letting the house stay up" by Ters) and I really understand both of you.
I'm a simutrans player from the beginning and still consider it to be the king of the transport simulators, although the "old" and bidimensional design, so I'd always like to see more and more features; however my job is head of sw development so I understand Ters' more conservative approach.

I'd like to see simutrans grow, and nowadays - don't hide this - multiplayer is a must if you want the community to grow. Simutrans lacks in this: the feature is there but there are few servers, with few slots. Actually only 25 people could play online on pak128 (that I assume to be the standard one, even if pak64 is the default), if they don't run their personal server. In the years there have been - and there are yet - some servers online, but they've always been really few. So players' slots are always full. Increasing number of companies (I can't imagine two or more players playing the same company, even if it's possible) imho could be a simple way of letting more people approach the game by playing it online and maybe develop the community
Bom dia amigos
iniciei com o simutrans recentemente, tenho algumas duvidas, principalmente em relação a que reboque devo utilizar para aquela carga especifica, ex: eu estou produzindo concreto, mas não consigo levar o concreto para os depósitos, qual vagão u caminhão leva esse tipo de carga?
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