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Test r8155 or later please
Thank you for that. Almost all of the instances of unsigned long, and all of the instances of signed long in the code are identical in Extended to Standard, and Standard works over the network without desynchronising in this way. There was one place, in, where I modified unsigned_long to uint32 just now, but this part of the code has been unchanged for many years, during which time it has managed to stay in sync, so I doubt that that is the problem.

Running the bifurcation test that you suggest may be the only way to proceed, but it is likely to be very time consuming having to do it on two separate computers, so I may have to set aside a week-end just for that. If anyone else can assist by running this test in the meantime, I should be most grateful.
Pak128.Britain-Ex Bug Reports / Re: air/rolling resistance fix
« Last post by jamespetts on Yesterday at 11:16:08 AM »
The difference is that the Hackney carriage is part of a set of vehicles which I spent a long time calibrating in great detail in December of last year, whereas the motorised goods vehicles I have not yet recalibrated or tested (they are in their original state from when they were first created back in 2009, before the new Simutrans-Extended physics engine from circa 2011).

If you can assist with the testing/calibration of the motorised road goods vehicles, that would be most helpful.
[DE]Deutsch (German) / [Script AI] Fahrzeugwahl
« Last post by Frank on Yesterday at 09:33:39 AM »
Existiert ein Anhänger, dann wird immer diese Kombi genommen, auch wenn es einen besseren LKW ohne Anhänger gibt. Selbst dann, wenn die Kombi mit Anhänger veraltet ist.

sqai - prototyper.nut Zeile 175 rum

         if (test.can_be_last()  &&  !c.missing_freight  &&  c.min_top_speed >= min_speed) {
            // TODO valuate this candidate
            //if (valuate) {
               local value =, c)
//                print(" === " + value)
               //if (best==null  ||  value > best_value) {
                  if (best==null) {
              best = c 
              best_value = value
            } else {
              if (c.max_speed > best.max_speed && c.capacity > best.capacity) {   //max_speed
            //if (c.capacity > 5) {     //c.capacity > best.capacity
                best = c 
                best_value = value
              } else if (c.max_speed > best.max_speed) {
                best = c 
                best_value = value
              } else if (c.capacity > best.capacity) {
                best = c 
                best_value = value
            //else {
               // no valuator function -> take first valid convoy and return
               //best = c;

//             print("..... ***")
Pak128.Britain-Ex Bug Reports / Re: air/rolling resistance fix
« Last post by Vladki on Yesterday at 07:02:10 AM »
No, I didn't. But there are a lot more underpowered vehicles. Even big trucks.

Scripting Scenarios and AI / Re: Get coordinates "z"
« Last post by Dwachs on Yesterday at 06:53:31 AM »
@Yona what exactly would you like to get? the total height of the slope, ie one of 0,1,2 ?
Bug Reports / Re: [Gui] The buttons in the lists look bad.
« Last post by prissi on Yesterday at 05:30:28 AM »
The spacing in most non-scrollable lists (which are not lists, but just lines of text) is given by the line spacing. Only for real scrollable lists list the cities this works as intendend. For the factories and attarctions that can be probably dixed easily too.
If you now have a setup where you can test reliably and it seems like you can tell the previous behaviour from the current behaviour I'd use git bisect to find out when things got much worse.  The last commit in January was 444aea695046e591bc37285fb037521a9ec948e0. git bisect tells me there's 81 commits between there and it will take roughly 6 steps to narrow down to a single commit.

I don't know anything about simutrans's wire protocol but if Linux <=> Linux and MingW <=> MingW works fine but Linux <=> MingW does not I'd think that LP64 vs LLP64 might be the issue.  grep shows that there are some uses of signed/unsigned long in the code but I don't know if any of those variables end up being passed over the wire so I don't know if my guess is correct or not.
From svn revision 8154, the "minimum load" input field of the schedule keeps focus, no matter where one else clicks, after assembling a new vehicle in the depot. It only loses focus after the "enter" key is pressed.

Usually I 1) assemble a vehicle, 2) open its schedule, 3) click the targets and 4) adjust minimum load with the up/down buttons, then I use to 5) click on the "promote to line" button and then 6) click the text field beside it and enter the line's name. And here it fails.

Now I do: 1), 2), 3), 4), 5), 5.5) press "enter", 6).

Also note that problem does only exist when creating a new schedule, as in the other schedule edit windows the "minimum load" field has not focus.
Pak128.Britain-Ex Bug Reports / Re: air/rolling resistance fix
« Last post by jamespetts on March 26, 2017, 10:44:18 PM »
Have you tested the Hackney carriage with the single pony?
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