Author Topic: Strange behavior with absolute block stationsignals and token block signals  (Read 42 times)

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Offline Ves

As the title suggest, I am experiencing some strange behavior between absolute block station signal and token block signals.

When you open the savegame, you should find a line with two trains.

(1) When a train enter the "Konga South Station", it drives extremely slowly onto the platform.
(2) At "Ölme East station" some very strange reservations is happening: Train tends to get stuck on the platform, reserving the first and last tile.
(3) The trains appears in some cases to not choose a free platform when the primary one is occupied. Only saw this at the termini, not the intemediate stop.
(4) The trains dont want to get out of the token block working method before reversing.

You need the latest Swedish pakset from Github

A note: I cannot rule out that the issues happening in the game is not due to me programming the signals wrongly in some order, but I think I did everything right.

Also,(5)  if you add a new convoy on a new schedule that stop at all 4 stations on the map, it will revert to drive by sight after stopping at "Väderstad Se_townhall Station".