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Simutrans Help Center / Re: how to merge stations
« Last post by Leartin on Today at 04:41:14 PM »
That shouldn't be too hard to change so that the two stops must touch each other. Touching in 2D coordinates should be enough, including being directly above the other.
Fully agree - Just for when you expand your station by two tiles and don't start with the closer one.

Though just to avoid a minor annoyance: If you combine stops by making them public, the position of the label moves to where the label of your stop was, not where the public stop was labelled. This is already annoying, and if we get a tool to merge two of your own stations, it shouldn't mirror that behaviour (unless we get another tool to move labels that is)
Simutrans Extended Development / convoy replacement bugs and improvements
« Last post by Vladki on Today at 03:46:54 PM »
1. in depot window if I hover over vehicles in an assembled convoy, I can see the vehicle details in the bottom of window, just as for vehicles that are available to be bought. But in replacement window, I can't... It would be nice if both windows behave the same

2. It would be even better if vehicles taken out of the current vehicle appear with numbers, like they do when you disassemble convoy in depot. It is easier for navigation, if you want to add some more vehicles in the middle of convoy and not to replace them with new ones. Moreover it would be nice if it shows available vehicles in depot, but I understand that it is hard to choose which depot's content to show.

3. replace all in line does not work well for railways, due to reversals. It will replace only those convoys, that are in the same direction as the one that you are replacing. Reversed convoys are considered to be different and thus not selected for replacement.

4. To solve #3, a new option to replace all convoys on the same line even if they are not same could be added.

5. What is the purpose of :Replace cycle, sell and skip values in replacement window ? I could not find them in in-game help.

Thinking further on ideas from here:

6. it would be nice to be able to somehow mark a station in timetable as "terminus", with default being the first one. This should be the station that is closest to a depot. A vehicle that is sent to depot for replacement, or via details/retire, will load only cargo for stations up to (and including) the terminus, and only after unloading them will go to depot. This will make replacements more evenly spaced, and will avoid situations, where a train will unload all cargo ASAP, travel empty over the whole map to visit a depot, and travel empty back to continue the schedule, where it unloaded.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: how to merge stations
« Last post by Ters on Today at 03:10:14 PM »
nothing stops you from merging different ends of the map

That shouldn't be too hard to change so that the two stops must touch each other. Touching in 2D coordinates should be enough, including being directly above the other.
Bug Reports / Re: Waiting vehicles enter in an intersection
« Last post by prissi on Today at 02:54:55 PM »
And some stuff handling images at tunnels and slopes ...
Simutrans Help Center / Re: how to merge stations
« Last post by prissi on Today at 02:52:02 PM »
The code exists (there was even a patch), but it is considered "cheating" (since nothing stops you from merging different ends of the map) and hence would break online games. Maybe one can dig the discussion on that out.
Simutrans Extended Development / passengers dont take reassigned classes
« Last post by Ves on Today at 12:51:28 PM »
I think there are some bugs when reassigning classes. Look at this savegame:

In order to easily see what classes the passengers belong to, you should use this branch where this information stands clear in the halt info window:

Here you will find a line with two white busses on the "(26) Line" going between "Bishop's Kesmere Town Hall Stop" and "Petwater Ponds Town Hall Railway Station".
Both of the busses have their classes reassigned from p_class[ 0 ] to p_class[ 1 ]. When the savegame was captured, I had just rearranged the classes on the two busses.
To make this easier to follow, I have written it in steps:
* passengers wont take the reassigned vehicle and dissappears: As you can see initially, there are plenty of passengers on both stations that want to take the bus. Mostly it is p_class[ 0 ] passengers, which rightly now have no way to get to their destination and they appears also to disapear from the stop, but there are also higher classes, which should still board the bus, however, it appears not to.
Slowly, all passengers wanting to go to the other station evaporates and no one wants to go, as if the line did not even exist.

* Resetting a reassigned vehicle doesnt help: Now open the class manager of the two vehicles, and set the classes back to p_class[ 0 ]. This doesnt make any difference. You would at least expect that approximately the same amount of passengers would start to show up, but none will be showing up at the stop.

The only solution I could come up with to make the passengers take the busses again, was to sell them and buy new ones. Then passengers (of all classes) started to turn up again, riding the busses.
So it appears that, the change of the classes also dont trigger the same "rerouting mechanism" as buying new vehicles does.
When trying to calculate acceleration using your formula for the rolling resistance I get negative acceleration distances and times. Are there any unit conversions I need to make?
The formulas should be using SI units (N, kg, m/s). But I am not exactly sure about the implementation in game. I'd have to check the code.

Edit: after a quick look into the code - there are conversions from km/h to m/s and back at many places. The formulas seem to be used with m/s, but they are at many places. It would need a big audit :( to be sure it it is not omitted somewhere. Perhaps it would be better to have all physics related variables in SI units and convert them only when reading from pak file and displaying on screen (then it would be easy to choose SI or historical/future units of your favorite empire (Roman, British, Galactic)
Yes, the hardware factory exists in 1855.
Pak128.Britain-Ex Bug Reports / Re: LNER catering carriages livery
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 10:32:42 AM »
Thank you - now fixed.
Larger Projects / Re: One-way Two-lane road Fun Patch
« Last post by THLeaderH on Today at 01:16:55 AM »
Though v12 lost compatibility with v11 in a save data, I made a special binary which enables us to upgrade data of v11 to that of v12. This method can be applied only to a data of v11.
  • With the upgrade binary, load a data of v11 and save immediately.
  • With OTRP v12, load the data which you saved before and save immediately.
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