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Fictional Japanese style region "seikai"
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:37:55 AM »
I'll post some pictures about my maps fictional Japanese style region, called "seikai region/青海地方".

2.major big cities
Seikai/青海:the most biggest city in this map. it was constructed from these districts Central/中央, Shibaura/芝浦, Myoden/明田, Minami-Myoden/南明田, Aimeiden/藍名電.
Kusatsu/草津:secondary biggest city. but nothing to talk about something. it's big only.
Urahara/浦原:harbor city, like Kobe. Urahara station has cafe, shopping area, park and so on. Special economic zone is south of them, so much big office area, most of worker come.
Shirakami/白神:south from seikai, like Omiya. not so big city, but all of shinkansen stop to shirakami sta.
Waga/和賀:madness of transportation city.

3.mainly transport route
  a big highway is passing through seikai(west edge area) to kuregata(east edge area).
  it has 2 lane road, fast lane and slow lane. fast lane is restrict 'speed lower limit to 140km/h', slow lane has no restriction.
 Seikai Main Route, from seikai to kuregata. so long route.
 Shinkansen from seikai to some major city. max speed is 750km/h, fastest land transpotation.
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