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I am afraid that there is a problem with the cross-compiling PNG libraries that, despite hours of work, I have not been able to make any progress in solving or understanding. If anyone is able to assist me to fix this, I should be most grateful.

makeobj changes much less frequently than the main executable binary, so having a nightly build for that is less critical.

I have now uploaded the latest makeobj from the master branch to the non-nightly section of the downloads folder of the server here.

I may not always remember to keep it up to date manually, so, if anyone finds that it is out of date, please let me know on this thread, and I will update it when I get a chance.
Thank you.
Simutrans looks for the shortest connection in terms of stops/interchanges (IIRC, one interchange equals 8 stops). Obviously, D-C-F is shorter than D-A-B-F, so that's the route they go for.

The best solution is usually to keep that kind of connection in mind and use it accordingly. In this case, a smart way would be to have connections D-C, E-F, and D-E. This way, both D-C and E-F would transport wood from both plantations, while D-E would transport wood both ways, which gives excellent profit.

If you don't want to do this, just split up C. Create two stops both connected to the factory, and simply have D-C1 and E-C2 - no connection D-C-F happens anymore, so the lumber needs to go D-A-B-F.
Simutrans Extended Development / Why is no windows makeobj compiled?
« Last post by Junna on Today at 09:03:14 AM »
There's a linux compile on the nightly server, but no windows makeobj.
Context, in case it matters: I like playing Simutrans with pak128 in sandbox mode. Thus, I am not very interested in mastering financial hurdles; rather than that, I enjoy the challenge of designing a realistic transportation network that fulfils all the transportation needs of passengers and cargo on a large map.

Problem: Time and again, I run into the following situation (cf. attached graphic - could not find out how to show it inline in the post):

- A and B are large, high-capacity cargo train stations (located next to large cities with some industry).
- D and E are tree plantations.
- C and F are sawmills.
- Both C and F get supplied with lumber from both D and E, among others.

Now, I've set up direct truck connections to deliver lumber

- from D to C,
- from E to C,
- from E to F,
- from D to A, and
- from B to F

What I'd like to happen is as follows:

- Trucks bring lumber from D to C (because that's quite close).
- Trucks bring lumber from E to C (because that's quite close).
- Trucks bring lumber from E to F (because that's still quite close, considerably closer than using the train).
- Trucks bring lumber from D to the cargo station A, from there it gets transported by train to B, and from there it is taken by trucks to F (because D is more or less in the vicinity of A, and F is in the area around B).

Unfortunately, the last item does not work as preferred. Instead, I see my trucks taking lumber from D to sawmill C, which is "abused" as an interchange stop. Other trucks then take the lumber from C via E to F.

Needless to say, C's yard is hopelessly overcrowded with lumber waiting for transport to another sawmill. At the same time, some of my long cargo trains on the high-capacity railway line are running empty, and so are the carefully set up delivery trucks commuting between D and A, and B and F, respectively.

I see that at least the aerial distance from D to F via C is indeed shorter than the aerial distance from D to F via A and B, if that is taken into account. This may even be aggravated by the fact that I have delivery trucks alternate between bringing lumber from E to C and from E to F, thus basically forming an (unwanted!) interchange-free connection between C and F.

In general, though, it simply seems "wrong" to me that the yard of any company would be used as an intermediate stop for goods. It is neither intended nor designed (in terms of storage capacity, transportation capacity, and transportation frequency) for that purpose.

Is there any way to tell vehicles to never load any cargo at a given stop? Or maybe some method of splitting up the network into different companies, so vehicles will not bring certain goods to certain places? Or any other way to make my network behave as desired?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!
Patches & Projects / Re: Sort Vehicles in Depot Window
« Last post by Leartin on Today at 08:38:52 AM »
"x tons of weight" is longer than "Weight: xt", so that is still something to care about.

In English, yes. In German, you would have "Gewicht: xt" vs. "xt schwer", so it's shorter. Until someone comes up with a specific language where tons are ambigous in the context provided, we are dealing with a hypothetical language, and we have no idea which is longer or shorter. Or whether the current space would be sufficient.

A ton is, in a strictly physical sense, not a unit of weight. That might have significance in a game with applied physics and changing gravitational pull, eg. Kerbal Space Program (never played it though), but for Simutrans, it's the same. I mean, I could turn that into an argument for removing "weight:" - but it just isn't.

[DE]Deutsch (German) / Re: Online Dat/Pak erstellen
« Last post by Frank on Today at 08:33:26 AM »
makeobj verstand aber noch nie Wildcards, dass sollte alles von der Shell ersetzt werden.

Bei Makeobj 55.1 ( Simutrans 112.1 ) funktioniert es. Makeobj 55.4 tut es auch noch.

Makeobj 60 tut es nicht mehr.

Und das unter dem selben Windows. Alle von SF runter geladen.

Von daher gehe ich davon aus das es an Makeobj liegt und nicht an der Shell von Windows.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Removing contracts from factories
« Last post by Vladki on Today at 07:16:05 AM »
It did one or two years ago. I'll check latest nightly tonight.

[FR]Français (French) / Re: Matériel Français
« Last post by gauthier on Today at 05:55:50 AM »
Ravi de te revoir parmi nous ;) Quand tu finalises tes addons n'hésite pas à mettre un lien sur le sujet "SNFOS annoucements" qui se trouve dans la seciton addons de la section pak128 du forum.
Scenarios and Challenges / Re: Pak128 Scenario Tutorial
« Last post by gauthier on Today at 05:54:13 AM »
It's ready, just a silly mistake on my part.   ;)

Scenario ->
Hence the importance of always running a complete and rigorous test before every release, and this principle applies to all kinds of computer development ;) I'm testing this as soon as possible !
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