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Aye, Vladki, I don't even mind the coverage area. What I find odd is that the stops say the colliery is covered, but the colliery says it's not. :)
Pak128.Britain / Re: Modern Vehicles
« Last post by fam621 on Today at 05:09:01 PM »
Hello James, I've been wondering that its been a long time since new liveries have been added to Simutrans and I am currently planning on doing 2 liveries or more for the game.
Patches & Projects / Re: Convoi auto unbunching on line
« Last post by gauthier on Today at 05:00:42 PM »
Yes, but this also causes unbunching.
In fact it just causes randomness, sometimes in bunches, sometimes it unbunches, this is what I tried to explain earlier. There's no reason for convoys to space themselves regularly even if you remove things that make them tend to a bunched state. That's why there must be a timer (or a distance-based mechanism) to space them.

@Train-catcher: I tried again (code from your repo, under linux 64 bits) with no luck. I set up a very simple bus line with four aligned stops, three buses on a line consisting of a run through all the stops and return, waited for all the buses to make several tours but they won't unbunch.

Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Agricultural conundrum
« Last post by Sarlock on Today at 04:46:21 PM »
"One hectare (ha) is equivalent to a square whose sides measure 100 meters (m).

∴ 1 ha = 100 m x 100 m = 10,000 m²."

Correct!  I mis-wrote 100m2, I meant it as hectare = 100m x 100m.  (100m)2?

Because the time scale isn't connected to the actual seasons and years in the game, farm production is significantly diminished and would require coverage many times greater than that in real life.  You may want to break that part of the realism in favour of having meaningful farm production.
Extension Requests / Re: Changing Buildings
« Last post by Leartin on Today at 03:28:42 PM »
So it would mean that for every building you want to upgrade you would need to specify a name on that description? Or would any upgrade to a current building with the same level do?

Only to one specific named building. The main use would be to show the progression of the same building through time, though it's open-ended on purpose, so it's up to pak creators how to use it.

The attached buildings, for example, are essentially the same. The first is for an earlier time period, in which most buildings are depicted either raw brick or white. In later periods, buildings become more colorful. A few year after the first versions retirement, all those buildings change to the second version, because owners decide to do a paint job - not far fetched.

Another thing are modern elements on old architecture, like solar panels on roofs. In reality, there are obviously many old buildings where these things get attached later on, but in current Simutrans, you always have to create the finished building. So either you get some solar panels around 1900, or you get new pre-war-architecture in 1990. With this, you can take existing buildings and create versions of them with solar panels on the roof, ready to let them be changed around 1995.

The other way around is possible as well. In the 1940s, you might want to decorate all commercial buildings with neon signs. Older buildings might change around that time to include lightcolor text, and after a while, in the 1960s, all changes back to versions without neon lights.

Except for factories, this should not cause any kind of trouble at all. It would be just as if a player would switch to public hand, delete the building, and set the replacement building in it's stead. Only some basic information needs to be retained (eg. rotation).

But I am not sure if such a replacement would not lead to more uniform cities than what we already have. Whereas protecting "old" buildings (maybe counting rather from introduction data?) would rather increase cites appearance. Such a protection would also naturally lead to some "old town squares" typical for so many cities in Europe.
If it is used in the ways I described above with "all commercial gets neon lights" - yes, the appearence would be more uniform, but that's because it would be less chaotic, not because there would be less variety - hence it's "good uniformity".
This is not supposed to be a replacement for the current city growth, it's a supplement. Even if a building changes, as long as the building it changes to does not have a different level, it should not affect city growth at all. Not even the "no_upgrade" flag would cause bad cities, unless it's put into everything.

However, when I thought of a fixed replacement time, I thought it would simply be much easier than counting the age of each building. If replacement after a certain amount of years was possible as well, this could have it's own merit. You could have each building with "no upgrade"-flag, but after 10 years it turns into an older version of itself, with faded colors, lost plaster, bit of mold - and that's replaceable. Again, the main point is the flexibility it gives to pak designers. Specifically for protecting old-age buildings, there might be better solutions, but it would be a much, much narrower path with less usability.
Patches & Projects / Re: Convoi auto unbunching on line
« Last post by Ters on Today at 02:45:50 PM »
And many bunching just happens because of waiting at traffic light etc.

Yes, but this also causes unbunching.
Simutrans Extended Discussion / Re: No passengers and mail
« Last post by grivlad0 on Today at 02:32:05 PM »
I will continue to translate, although my knowledge of English is not enough.
I wait for any questions on the problem described by me.
The size of the attachment is limited to 64 KB, so the link
Stories, Screenshots, Videos & Saves / Re: Historical Great Britain
« Last post by fam621 on Today at 02:20:23 PM »
Read it
Stories, Screenshots, Videos & Saves / Re: Historical Great Britain
« Last post by NoMorePacers on Today at 02:12:38 PM »
I've sent you a PM.
Stories, Screenshots, Videos & Saves / Re: Historical Great Britain
« Last post by fam621 on Today at 02:11:16 PM »
Use the map I sent you and give credit to me for it or I wont help you with the map. xD
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