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The Bridgewater-Brunel server is now back online and working after having spent a great deal of time finding and fixing various desync bugs. The server's address is as follows:

If you cannot access this through the server browser, you can go to the load game dialogue box and type and press RETURN in order to load the game (although bear in mind that if the reason that you cannot connect using the server browser is that you have a different version of the executable or pakset, this could lead you to desync from the server as a result of this, so please check this before posting any bug report.

The server will be updated every night to the latest nightly version of Simutrans-Extended and Pak128.Britain-Ex, which should be the same as the executable and pakset version available to download on that server.

Currently, the server is set up for performance and stability testing. I have put Rollmaterial's very large game (Britain 2010) on the server, which takes a lot of computational resources, to see how well that the server handles a larger game now that we have implemented multi-threading and the server has access to multiple cores. I should be very grateful for any feedback on performance and stability when using this server.

Please note that, because this server is currently running for testing purposes, please do not expect the current saved game to be persistent for any length of time, so do not invest a great deal of time into it (unless you want to save it for offline use) expecting this to be retained on the server long-term.

Do, however, feel free to edit the map to get a feel for responsiveness, as that is useful for testing.

My own tests so far are quite encouraging: I am able to maintain ~30fps on the client even with the path explorer running, and the game feels very responsive. I have not had any desync incident yet, although I have not done any map editing, either.
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