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Building emissions
« on: August 05, 2012, 06:04:51 PM »
Buildings have impact on their neighborhood. They might pollute, produce employment, shopping opportunity, other services, etc.

My idea is quite simple, each building could have a emission quantity, a attraction quantity and an optional radius (with default otherwise) of each of those 4-7 effects that we could chose. I believe, it wouldn't be hard to calculate the tile value only on structure update. Wouldn't be too much hard to implement.

I see 3 benefit from this for now :

1- The city would look better, with more complex zoning. Most industries away from dense residential plot. Shopping center spawning in the more dense area. Some low class housings in the less desirable area of the city and another zone with more high-class buildings, parks and luxury restaurants. Maybe on long term, the game could generate different type of pax based of those resources, but for now it would be aesthetic only.

2- If those parameter are well managed in the pak, it will give a strong clue to the building upgrades to know what kind of structures could replace the previous one. I don't promise it would be magic, but a low-class residential housing could have more chance to be replaced by another low-class residential housing and so one. We should see the city evolve in a much more coherent way.

3- Eventually, we could calculate how well the needs of each buildings is served and base the success of the city on that. It would open a possibility for the "buy house" option to actually matter (buying a small restaurant in downtown...) and even to let a player play as a mayor focusing mainly on the development of his city.