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pak192.comic on Kinderscout and P192

Started by benjad, February 16, 2014, 09:02:35 PM

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Hi all.

Could someone on the german side tell me what pakset these two games are using.  Both report to be using pak192.comic [Version 0.3]. I have that pakset... but it is still reporting a lot of differences... i see there have been a bunch of bug fixes and add-ons... so can't tell what is really needed... 


I can visit the server with pakset version v 0.3, simutrans revision 6520.
does someone know, whose server it is? -It definitely isn't "our" german server ;)

just searched for the "Kinderscout" one,
the other one is this one:
and that is "our" server :D
the "P192" at post toppic just seens like a pakset description for the Kinderscout server


The download link in your link is dead... Hence more of the confusion. 



Yup, this is this one works with p192.   The kinderscout uses the "real" comic192 v0.3

Also interesting that when the game engine loads, it does not show the server as a match to the pakset... but when you choose 'show mismatched' it allows you to play it.


Don't forget this site: There's either a forum link there for information or a direct download for the pakset you need for each server.
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