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Tutorial - Easy city-lists
« on: August 29, 2014, 02:16:08 AM »
Here is a short tutorial on how to create easy city-lists.

1 - Go to wikipedia, and search for the list you need. One link that has a lot of countries is this one

As an example, we'll use Switzerland

As you see, we know have to strip those regions out of the list, to get only the city names.
We have two ways of doing that. If you are not using linux, proceed. Otherwise, jump to Linux section.

2 - Copy-paste the table into excel/libreoffice calc

3 - Copy-paste the first column (we don't want the regions) into notepad, and save the file.


2 - Copy-paste the table into a text file (lets say, switzerland.txt)

3 - Run
Code: [Select]
sed -r 's/  .*//' switzerland.txt > citylist_ch.txt

Hope this helps!  ;D