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New Simutrans Airport Addon Set

Started by Commander Noddy, March 15, 2015, 05:40:19 AM

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Commander Noddy

Boring with the simutrans airport?
Bigger plane are too buggy for small runway?
Want to build a bigger and cool and more realistic airport?

Here is the dream pak file for you:) Hope you enjoy!

Here is the screenshot:)

Here is the download link:)
Removed due to concerns of plagiarism. -Isaac Eiland-Hall


I am still working further on this airport addons:) I am considering adding the signs to make it better.
Here are the details:

May The Force Be With You Always!


Thanks for those addons!! I'll make soon a feedback comment as soon as i'd use them


Thank you for this amazing work!
Congratulations :)
Always looking for new things, new knowledge.


Looks really nice on pictures, looks overcomplicated to use when giving a try. You should add some kind of manual or detailed example pictures.


I think this is a plagiarized addon.

This airport addon was first shown on ,No.481 at 2012
Since 2013.10,this set was released at "Simutrans Addons Laboratory",a japanese addons site( by Ebi(=No.481)
but now stopped releasing because of a large changing the specifications.

In readme.txt, there's a Japanese sentence"改変および改変したアドオンの公開はご自由にどうぞ。", means modify this or release modified set is allowed but don't mean to allow
to distribute this package as it is.

This is a online game screanshot held on 2014. Some parts added from 2013's version .


Judging from the screenshots, it certainly looks bigger than the current standard airport. But more realistic (other than the size aspect)? I really don't think so. I just spotted a couple of "errors" in the screenshots already (but I'm admittedly a little biased 8))...
***** PAK128 Dev Team - semi-retired*****


Oh... Certainly, I made this addon. Thanks to Jomoyama!
It's trial version (prototype of SIS airport addon) and I can't support how to use it.
In addition, I'm making full renewal airport to fit SIS standards and add some new parts.
Therefore I stopped publishing it because to replace it is difficult. (I will change all addons' name.)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Based on this information, I'm removing the link from the first post, for a start...

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Quote from: redstonenoddy325 on March 15, 2015, 05:40:19 AM
I am still working further on this airport addons:) I am considering adding the signs to make it better.

Would you please clarify your position on this matter? Are you claiming to be the content creator?