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zip file contains files with accented characters which break package building

Started by m.vanderwulp, March 18, 2015, 05:01:27 PM

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The zip file at sourceforge of version 0.4:

This file contains a few file names with German characters in it. Apparently, somewhere in the tool chain, there is an encoding problem, which caused building a package on OBS for openSUSE to fail.

To make it work, I just replaced the file names with accent-less characters.  I presumed that that was OK.

Would you please consider using only file names without accented/German characters?


Thank you for reporting this.

I'll fix that, so our next version won't use special german letters, that'll includ the ingame names.
I can't upload that until the release because we did a few changes in that objects, which are an important part of our improved balancing, they won't harmonise with the current pakset.