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Author Topic: Bug: Inconsistency between Road-Remover and Bulldozer tool  (Read 840 times)

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Bug: Inconsistency between Road-Remover and Bulldozer tool
« on: December 22, 2017, 11:12:55 PM »
I've reported this previously, but below are the steps to see the bug in action.

This may not be the only way to get it to show up, if I find any other misbehaviours I can reliably reproduce on this tool I will add to the thread.

1.  With the Public Player, draw a grid of city-roads, as follows:
A city block with a 2x3 island of houses (no need to make the houses), a block with a 3x3 island, and a block with a 4x4 island. Make each separate circuits of road, no need to interlink.

2. Switch to a Player operated company. If you try with the bulldozer, you will be able to take a bite out of the side of the 2x3 and 3x3 cells, but not the 4x4, because the diversion around a 4x4 cell exceeds the acceptable diversion limit. The road removal tool displays exactly the same behaviour. So far so good.

3. However, now use the public player to take a single tile out of each of the grids, so you have 3 "C" shapes (including a 4x4 one). This simulates an incomplete city as you might find it.

4. Switch back to the Player controlled company. Use the Player controlled company to build 3 bridges, completing each city block again. Then try to bulldoze those bridges. You can bulldoze the bridge on the 2x3 block, 3x3 block, but not the 4x4 block (diversion limit again).  Now use the road removal tool on the 4x4 block bridge, and it disappears.

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Re: Bug: Inconsistency between Road-Remover and Bulldozer tool
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2018, 03:12:40 PM »
Thank you for your report. I think that I have now fixed this; I should be grateful if you could re-test with to-morrow's nightly build.