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Author Topic: Placing "Time interval" signals behind "Time interval with telegraph" signals  (Read 4283 times)

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I encountered something which might not be intended behavior:

I have a terminus station which is controlled by time "interval with telegraph" (TIwT) signals, because there is two lines branching out from it, one being single tracked, hence the need for telegraphing.
However, the other line, which is double tracked, dont need any telegraph equipment, hence it will keep its old signalling for a while longer. The station in question can be found on the server "Pendale Railway Station" at location 326,840

In the savegame listed below, I have made a copy of the layout of the station. The signals should be setup correctly, and it usually also works the first few times, before it stop working. The train sits there at the station, but have reserved the path up until the next choose signal as it is supposed to.

If you create a new TIwT signal along the path (but before the normal time interval signal), the train will depart up until the last signal before the normal time interval signal.
Placing an end of choose signal in front of the first TIwT signal also appears to "solve" the situation.

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Thank you for the report: I think that I have managed now to fix this. I should be grateful if you could re-test.