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Author Topic: Token block signal does not make an intermediate reservation in some case.  (Read 548 times)

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I don't know my case is the same as this thread.

Simutrans-Extended's signaling system is very interesting but somewhat difficult for me.
I tried testing the token block signaling on my testing map.
And then I found this strange reservation behavior.

Check this saved game out.

Just one locomotive is making a round trip between two points.
When the locomotive going from right to left, signal reservation works correctly.
However, when the locomotive going from left to right, token block signal does not make an intermediate reservation like this.

Is this caused by not being a straight line? (I mean curve on a junction.)
Also right side one train staff is not working properly. The locomotive reserves only its behind.
If you run some trains on this track, they will cause head-on crash! ::'(

And I found a occurrence condition of this.
See the scheduled line. There are six lines I made for testing.
Now the locomotive assigned the line (1). Please change the assignment line.

In the case of (2), (3) and (6), token block signal working correctly.
In the case of (2) and (3), one train staff working correctly.

(1) has just waypoints, but (6) too.
Token block signals work correctly in (6), but (1) is not. It's odd.

Are these in the specifications? Or BUG?

And another issue:
I set a red marker "point A". Put the "End of signalling" there.
Then one train staff at the right side working incorrectly all of lines. The line which stop at the right station too.
In the case of (1), train cannot enter the inside of its protecting section.
In some case, train can enter the inside of its section as "drive by sight", but train's max_speed not so. And

Is this in the specifications?
I know I have put the signal incorrectly... :-[

The other issue:
The train will be like a tortoise under certain conditions (I mean it moves at 1 km/h few tiles):

(A) Train pass the "End of signalling" when running in the state of "token block".
(B) When the schedule is changed while running in the state of "token block".
The distance the tortoise walks is usually 1 tile, but sometimes it may be until the next signal.
However, I have not yet found a way to make it happen reliably.

Thank you for working on many bug fixes.

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Thank you for your report. I think that I have now fixed the incomplete reservation issue - I should be grateful if you could re-test with the next nightly build.

I should also be grateful if you could report only one bug per thread, as set out in the guidelines, otherwise it becomes extremely difficult to keep track of what has and has not been fixed. I should be grateful if you could check whether the additional problems are fixed by the fix for the primary issue, and, if not, post a septate report for each of them, with a saved game in which the issue can reliably be reproduced for each. Thank you.

Offline Ranran jp

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Thank you for working on fixing these bugs.
And I apologize for posting about some issues at once.

I confirmed today(05/09)'s nightly build, and "token block signal does not make an intermediate reservation" issue has been fixed.
However these seem to be not completely fixed yet.

I separated and repost unsolved issues:
issue #1: about Token block signaling working
issue #2: about One train staff working
issue #3: about Max speed is limited to 1km/h

EDIT: add link to separated threads
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