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re-upload old addons

Started by EL-MACHO, April 27, 2019, 04:22:25 PM

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Can I upload addons that are impossible to find or download? ??? ???
I have been reviewing my old computer and found several paks of both the Hispanic simutrans page and the international simutrans forum thread in "brainstorming"
as for example the asphalt highway of 250 km / H 8)
4 types of citycars ;)
or the vehicle.Kenworth_KC104B or vehicle.Kentworth KS50 :)
and others that I have to see
yes, giving credit to those people who did the addons
but can I upload it?? ??? ???


The forum lost posted attachments a few years ago (and maybe not once). If those addons were publicly available when you downloaded them, and are "lost" now, I see no problem if you publish them again (with due credits).
I would be personally glad if someone had such an archive of lost Czech addons.


Well, I'll make a list of the addons I can upload
but how is the method to upload?
through MEGA (which I have an account) or another website?

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Well, there is here — although that is necessarily temporary; I don't know the max days allowed, but some are set for four years.

If you can use FTP, I can create a subdomain to upload the files to, which could then be linked to from the forum as desired.

Sorry for the delay, I was away from the forum for some days.


I'm not very familiar with the term "ftp" ::-\
here for Latin America
normally this file is uploaded in MEGA or MEDIAFIRE and is there forever or until the author (that is, the one who uploaded it) deletes it :police:
Could you allow me to upload it by MEGA? :laugh:
or are there disadvantages in doing that ?? :( ::'(
sorry for the delay
the university is quite heavy :-[


Quote from: EL-MACHO on May 07, 2019, 05:58:14 PMI'm not very familiar with the term "ftp"
FTP stands for 'File Transfer Protocol' - the Spanish Wikipedia article is

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Sure, if you'd like to share a link to the download, I can take them and make them available for everyone.