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Author Topic: [BUG] Inconsistent shared access permissions.  (Read 148 times)

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[BUG] Inconsistent shared access permissions.
« on: May 16, 2019, 04:38:16 PM »
So on the Bridgewater Brunnel server I kindly shared access rights with another company. However they used it rather annoyingly to build a railway crossing right near the entrance to one of my stations, disrupting the trains entering it. My station and railway has been there over 100 game years. Since they own the road I cannot remove their crossing. I cannot modify the replace type for my railroad over it either since they did not share permission back with me.

I cannot even bridge over it efficiently since you are not allowed to build single height bridges over other player's ways. However they were allowed to build a railroad crossing over my way without sharing permission back to me which is a lot worse due to how disruptive they are. Even removing permission still does not let me remove this crossing.

For now my only solution is to sabotage their nearby road network to prevent any traffic from running through that crossing. If there is no traffic through the crossing it will not interfere with my trains. Hopefully they will eventually remove this crossing but it is a situation that one should be able to solve ones self.

In my case my railroad was on that tile since 1835 while their road was built in 1958. Since his road is not a public right of way and I technically own the land the rail was placed on (I imagine building a railway means buying the land either side of it like in real life), then I should be allowed to bulldoze it whenever I feel like as part of the terms of access, similar to how I can pull their permission to share access at any time. If their road was built there before my rails then they could do the opposite to me since they own the road.

Since this rail crossing was the result of a company with company access deal, it is technically private land and so the road should never be able to become a public right of way, since I did not give permission for the public to cross my railway there. So that this makes sense I suggest implicit private road sign mechanics to block public vehicles at such crossings (company B builds road over the tracks of company A using an access deal). On the other hand if the railway was built across the road then technically the road owner owns the land and hence if they permit the public to use the crossing then there is nothing the rail owner can do.

At the very least there is a bug that prevents me from dragging renew replacement rails over such crossings. This is probably because they are not sharing access permission with me. Since I own the rails I should be able to renew them whenever I like to whatever I like.

Once again I find myself fighting the stupid "public right of way" system. I cannot even stop vehicles going to his crossing because it refuses me from removing the public right of way leading up to it despite the crossing itself and all road beyond not being public right of way and hence this tile of public right of way is effectively a dead end. Not only have they built a crossing that is negatively effecting me but the stupid systems are protecting their right to their crossing and ignoring any rights that I should have as the track owner. And yes I made sure the crossing itself is not a public right of way.

Looking at the position and the fact they did not share access back it is quite likely they did this crossing on purpose to sabotage me...

The crossing is @5986,1923 and @5986,1922 on the Bridgewater Brunel server game.
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Re: [BUG] Inconsistent shared access permissions.
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2019, 04:56:36 PM »
Which station is this crossing next to?

EDIT: It's Plumcott Mill Terminal Station at (5993,1922)
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