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Fun experience with mixing horse/boat transport

Started by BoredEngineer, January 22, 2020, 09:03:43 PM

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The year is 1841. I have a very busy train station in a major city. There are about 60 horse drawn carriages bringing people to and from the station, which creates a lot of traffic jams eveywhere.
I've noticed that there is brook that goes along the city and later merges with a large river. Expanded brook to the narrow boat channel first, set one boat between two stops. Suddenly there are 300 people who want to take this route.
So I though it would be better to use a bigger boat. Extended channel to support barges and started adding them. Passenger number are keep going up but my barges are sort of empty. Then I've noticed that people don't get on them - they are waiting for that single narrow boat that can travel at 18km/h compared to barges 17km/h. I've removed narrow boat and suddenly no-one want to take a channel anymore - because there is a "parallel" horse carriage path that can go as fast at 18kmh....
Time to replace 32 barges with narrow boats :D


It's a bit insane, as boats don't get into traffic jams because of the local transport. Then now pretty much completely displaced carriages on a parallel route. Only if the city would be one tile higher I could try building an underground channel for boats to cover the other half of it.


Yes, the overlap between canals and railways is great fun.  :D

I am guessing that you don't have any locks? It certainly is possible to create traffic jams on canals if you mix barges and narrowboats. They have different acceleration rates, which creates terrible deadlocks in front of locks. I ended up having to replace hundreds of canal boats because of this...  :-[
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With barges I've seen that sometimes they would stop and let the other barge pass on the turns. Haven't seen this on flyboats but I wasn't paying much attention. Right now I have about 140 of the on about 15 km long channel. Occupancy is about 95%. But it's all on the same level, so no lock. It's already starting to look like conveyor belt :D

I want to try building a separate tubeboats (?) canal underground of the city. I won't be able to connect it to external one without a lock so it will probably will be just on it's own infrastructure.


Hmm I can't figure out how to build a boat or a rail tunnel. I can build an entrance but can't tunnel after that. Is this is too early in a way of technology? It's September 1842.


If you can build an entrance to a tunnel, you should be able to build the rest of the tunnel. I suggest switching to underground mode (CTRL+U) and dragging the tunnel from the entrance at one end to the entrance at the other.
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Ahh, so it has to be two entrances? I thought of something like a bunker with a single entry point and a large loop inside.


One entrance is enough. You just have to build tunnels conencted to at least one end.




Sadly stops can't be build underground. So I would have to dig at least two levels somewhere in the middle of the city. 3x3 square for a narrowboats is not too bad I guess. The surplus passengers from this would be anyway much higher than from carriages,


Usually one would move people to the harbor, instead of moving tha harbor into a flooded tube tunnel, but well sounds like a funny transport concept.


This is purely for the inter city transfer. I've decided not to build railway station in the middle of the city as I would have to demolish a lot of buildings and I want this line to be pass-through instead of a terminal station.
Maybe when trams appear I won't need these channels anymore but right now, stage coaches where just not able to handle it.
This is how it looks like:
The blue line is a surface boat line with a channel build over the brook that connects to a river. There are two stations at the top that have a boat connection to two smaller cities. The Corner dock next to the train station is connected to another city by some steam and sail ships. The red line is a "subway".
Nothing goes directly through the center as I don't want to ruin the way how it looks by digging holes in the ground. I could move all my carriage service to serving just a center and connecting it to docks around it.