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Author Topic: [Bug] "Copy Convoy" does not copy the livery if line is selected  (Read 387 times)

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Reproduction steps:
1) Purchase a vehicle with livery. (Please choose a color other than the default)
2) Assign Line
3) Press the Copy Convoy button to duplicate the vehicle
4) Start those vehicles from the depot


Offline Ranran

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Re: [Bug] "Copy Convoy" does not copy the livery if line is selected
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2020, 09:12:59 AM »
This problem is caused by:
when set_line() is executed in copy (depot_t::copy_convoi) operation, it will be overwritten by the line's livery scheme.
That is, if line is selected, it will be rewritten to the line's livery regardless of the current convoy and the livery scheme applied to the vehicle.
The problem is that if the livery scheme is not set for the line, the "default" livery will overwrite the original one.

The problem with this - there is no way to set the livery scheme directly in convoy.
in most cases it is unset or the same as line.

Currently, there are two ways to set the livery.
a) Set individual vehicle from the depot dialog
b) Set all convoys on the line in the linemanagement dialog

"a" applies to vehicles only and does not update the convoy or line livery scheme.
"b" can rewrite all convoy and vehicle's livery scheme which belong to the line.
There is no way to directly rewrite convoy's livery. It is possible to set the livery scheme for individual convoys by setting one convoy for the line though.

Imagine a convoy consisting of one vehicle like a bus.
The player selects the desired livery scheme in the depot with the livery scheme selector when purchasing it.
The bus is set up with a unique livery, but it is only stored in the vehicle, not convoy.

If line does not have a livery scheme, convoy also does not often have a livery scheme. So it is pointless here to temporarily hold the convoy's livery scheme and keep it.
Next, the vehicle has a livery but no information on the livery scheme.

I think If the livery scheme of line or convoy is undefined, it is necessary not to overwrite the livery by default.

There is no blank choice in the livery scheme selector. Therefore, the livery scheme that the player does not intend may be set to line.
Note that if an unrelated livery scheme is set, it will also override by default.
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