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Feature discussion vehicle "mirror schedule" overview in line window

Started by Mariculous, February 03, 2020, 04:25:52 PM

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I also had simmilar issues quite a lot. Currently, when changing a line from mirror schedule operation to explicitly set return schedule operation, it will require the player to check every single vehicle in that line for the reverse route option and unset it if it was set.
Additionally, one somethimes accidently checks that reverse route checkbox when opening the vehicle stats.
Such a mistakenly in reverse route mode operating vehicle is quite hard to find as there won't be any hint or message about this apart from plyers noting "your vehicle seems to do pretty strange stuff, please check your ways and schedules"

I had the following thoughts: If one does not use mirror schedule nor alternate directions, there should not be a reason to reverse the route of a vehicle.
So the suggestion is automatically unmirroring all vehicles of a line when none of these two options is checked and disallowing the reverse route checkbox for vehicles in that line.

If there is a rare case I did not imagine, where mirroring single vehicles without any of these two options makes sense, we should introduce an explicit "allow reversed route" checkbox to the line, which will allow vehicles of that line to use the reverse route checkbox.


One case which is particularly useful is when you have a "main city loop" route, with all the faster vehicles (horse-drawn omnibuses) going "forward" and all the slower vehicles on the same line (mail carts) going in reverse on the route. 

Perhaps the only addition needed to clarify this, is a "Currently in Reverse" indication in the line window?


Quote from: wlindley on February 03, 2020, 05:44:12 PMPerhaps the only addition needed to clarify this, is a "Currently in Reverse" indication in the line window?
I don't think so as that will leave the issue of manually unreversing every single vehicle of a line when changing a line from mirrored mode to manually set up return route.
This may be fine for a little railway line with 4 trains but imagine a long running bus line with 50 busses...


I would not change how the schedule it self works, mostly due to the reason given by wlindley. But also, I don't like the idea to enforce arbitrary rules like this.

What I instead would like is a button (or infact 3 buttons) in the line management window that switch all convoys on the line to go in reverse/not reverse direction. The third button I think should be used to turn have every second convoy in reverse/not reverse. I know this functionality already exists indirectly, but it could be a great tool to have anyway.



Would it be possible that when I insert a convoy into a line (line not alternate route) it enters with the unset flag? In fact, the convoys currently enter the line with the flag set almost randomly.