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123.0.1 - R10421 pak128.german allows building a stop over a factory

Started by ML, February 11, 2022, 08:25:24 PM

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Playing the latest stable release of pak.128german VS 2.1 rev. 473 on Simutrans 123.0.1. - r10421 on Windows (steam installation) allows the player to build certain stops that overlap with factories.

The game let me build "Dock 1800" (capacity up to 576 passengers or cargo, size 2x3) and in a second test also the "Binnenhafen 1800" (capacity up to 384 post or cargo, size 2x3) in a way that one of the stop-tiles was overlapping the factory (heating power station / Heizkraftwerk). Upon building the station, the name sign of the factory changed colour from grey/public red/player. See the picture:

Deleting the stop destroyed also the power plant and on the very first occasion where an underground transformer was also involved led to crash (that I can not replicate anymore)

I have Separate halt capacities turned on. Should you need any more information, let me know.


The code assumes that docks are at most one pixel wide, 1xN, bigger sizes are not supported by the code. I will see.

For surem the buildable locations on rugged coastlines will become fewer.


Sorry, after looking into the code, this is not feasible. Since the layout feature (i.e. 16 layouts with start middle end) can only work properly with a 1xn building, support for nxm docks will be explicitly removed and enforced during loading. Multi tile docks must be built as separate parts.


In r10486 the two existing problemaic cocks will be ignored on load time. This will break existing games, since the building will be missing. I am sorry, but there is no easy way of fixing construction. I started (see diff) but then the layout is not really compatible with multitiles. I think it was stated even somewhere in the documentations at one point in time.

It only affect two buildings in pak128.German, the 1880 Binnenhafen.