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Guide/manual for understanding

Started by Sentry, April 21, 2022, 11:36:38 PM

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Hello everyone,
   I wish to access a guide or manual which elaborates on the contents of New Game tab and its constituents to make new city. I don't remember much about the game play and a lot looks upgraded in aforementioned tab, hence a guide would be useful to understand the elements. Thanks in advance


There is the in-game help which you can reach by clicking on the question mark symbol in the windows. For standard pak128.britain this is not much documentation.


Ok I'll look into it. If any doubt persists I'll message appropriately. Thanks :)


There are also a lot of useful explanations of New Map settings in the files. If you haven't seen them before, that means 'Simutrans Configuration Table' and these files store the default settings for the game and paksets. There are multiple copies of In the following explanation, /simutrans means wherever you have installed the game.


Search for 'Landscape Settings' and 'Time Settings' and you will find explanations of several New Map settings.


I think everything except the Network or Livery Settings at the end can be set for a new map.


You can also set up a personal which would override the above, so don't forget to check that if you have made one and are getting unexpected results.
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