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Copying my games?

Started by BettyRubble, April 25, 2022, 08:01:31 AM

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Hello hello!

I am going to change my working laptop to a new one and I would love to keep my Simutrans games. Can I copy the game and saved games just like that? To the new computer? Please forgive me for the noobie question but I am not very tech-savvy. Once I learn something then I am good but I want to make sure I am not making a huge mistake. Thank you!


Welcome to the International Simutrans Forum, BettyRubble!

Are you on Windows? If so, then I think yes, you should just be able to copy the whole thing over to the new PC.

You need to make sure that your saved games & settings files are in the same place in the old and new systems. By default, that should be This PC > Documents > Simutrans.

If you have any entries in your Start Menu, you might lose those, but everything within Simutrans should stay exactly as you have set it up.

If you are on Linux or Mac or if you downloaded Simutrans from Steam, then you would need to do things a bit differently.
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