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SRIsleOfThanet has ridiculous low running cost 0.02

Started by radan, May 06, 2022, 07:07:19 AM

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I play simutrans 123.0.1 Pak 128.Britain.
There is ship SRIsleOfThanet. It has ridiculous low running cost 0.02. Is this intended?

At the beggining of the game when you connect two cities and transport people between these two by this boat you will have milions in few month of game-time. On the other hand this is not the case doing the same with nerrow railway.


It seems all boats have a running cost of 2. I am not sure anybody properly looked at them. Unfortunately the pak is currently not maintained.

I would be very grateful, if you download the source (or better check it out using SVN) at svn:// and then suggest useful running costs for these ships.

For pak64, I calculated the maximum revenue using an excel sheet and assumed for ships a break even at 50% load at introduction. (at )

I have made a google spreadsheet for this.

The maximum income per tile is 320, so a running cost of 250-300 (i.e. 25000 in the dat) would be a balanced one.

It seems all boats are broken. I would be very grateful if you could fill this table and suggest some useful numbers, since my time at the moment is very limited.

I noticed also all gears are broken, because maximum gear in game is 2.55. Higher number will do nothing. So I suggest to set them to 100 of a most 250.


I had a quick translation of some ships into csv, using the awk script below.
awk -f dat2csv.txt boats224/*.dat > boats.csvThat brought to light that almost all boats have running costs of 0.02 and buying costs of 8000 and have never been properly balanced. (buying should be related to the revenue during three a trip of 1000 or so tiles.)

I increased dramatically most running costs and reduced some. Still double cargo ships (pas and mail) will still earn a lot. Purchasing costs have to wait for another guy to look up, same for other good categories (where maximum income is rather 1/4 of max income, since they have to run back empty.


I messed up the power and revenue calculation in the first try. Will have to do it again.