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Use of extra produced goods
« on: May 13, 2009, 06:03:00 PM »

    This gives additional and optional final product delivery
    routes for more experienced and desiring players.
    This also gives more meaning in the supplying of electricity
    to the factories by actually contributing to more city growth.

Extra delivery for extra growth

Factory supplied with electricity produces twice as more.
Instead of delivering extra product to the same final consumer
store which does not affect city growth, let other cities acquire
those extra products for additional bonus growth for them.

  []whole sale ware house sells products delivered from the
    player to the commercial city buildings in nearby cities.

  1.Along the the creation of industry chain(or appearance of
    normal final consumer store), whole sale warehouse
    appears preferably in a city without same structure and
    away from the original store. It accepts same type of good as
    original final consumer store and consumes as fast.
    (I'm thinking of this structure to be able to accept several
    type of goods as new industry chain appears)
  2.Whole sale will employ workers from nearby cities but with
    much less in number compared to normal stores.
  3.Once ware house is served, city with its employee takes
    extra growth(whether or not it is under normal store coverage).
    For city with normal store coverage, it is as if growth from
    good delivery is doubled assuming, delivery is perfect.
     For city with no normal store coverage but with ware house
     coverage(employment)only, it is little hard to explain.
     First, assume ware house good supply as normal good supply.
     Calculate the growth amount from good supply. Add that to
     the original city growth affected by passenger and mail.
     (or as coder think it should be for actual coding...)