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PR#550 - Basic GUI symbols migrate to themes

Started by Ranran, June 12, 2022, 10:54:20 AM

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The basic symbols for the GUI should be managed by the theme.
For example, otherwise dark symbols may be difficult to see in dark themes.
Theme designers may want to lose color in the flat design that was popular a while ago. Such basic symbols should be managed by theme rather than pakset.

PR#550 will be changed to load some symbols from the theme instead of pakset.
With this change, pakset for standard will be able to use extended-specific symbols in extended without having to prepare several symbols.
However, currently I just copied and registered the same for each theme. If the theme designer wants to provide a more thematic design symbol, edit it.

Station evaluation symbols and goods category symbols are still pakset-specific symbols.
Symbols that have migrated to other themes can be eliminated from the pakset.

I thought it would be better to do this before the new symbols were added in 15.0.
The conflict that this change creates in ex-15 branch  has been resolved in branch ex15-2206.


Excellent, thank you; now incorporated on both master and ex-15.
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