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Questions about early 19th century agriculture

Started by Chime, September 16, 2022, 04:31:50 PM

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  New to extended, having some problems with freight locking up due to what I *THINK* is just general slow production because...1800s, however it's also entirely possible that I just don't know what I'm doing in general so I thought I'd check.

  I have a relatively large single player map that I started in Pack Ex-Britain the 1820s it's 1152x1152 with about 48 towns I turned the massive cities off still have 2 around ~150000 but most are like ~6k, median pop was 1000 but whatever.

  Anyhow I started off supplying a dairy, windmill and slaughter house from a bunch of farms within about 30k mainly via drovers and pack horses then ran the outputs to their respective consumers (a bakery and a slaughter house about 60km away), went fine for a bit and I'd move like 50 freight tonnes a month. But now all the drovers and pack horses are just waiting to load with a long wait time and I'm moving like 0-3 tonnes a month.

  I tried setting up passenger service to the farms and factories although no additional workers seemed to be being demanded and that didn't do much, so then I tried mail and that didn't seem to matter either I mean other than make money so I can still stay positive cash flow with like 0 freight.

  Is it the throughput that's the problem? Or is the game just modelling how the late industrial revolution was? Or maybe there's a ninja move I can pull that I don't know about to jiggle the handle on the Cattle and Grain Farms?


I am not an expert on industries but I will mention two things that I think are relevant.

But I know that bakeries have very low demand levels, and early farms have low output, so 0-3 tonnes a month sounds about right for the early 1800s.

When a new chain starts up, the farms will produce more than needed to take account of the fact that there will always be some goods in transport. They will try to calculate this based on the journey times. But with a new map and a new chain, I think the game often guesses the journey times incorrectly. So you get a rush of production at first (your 50 tonnes a month), then nothing as the consumer eats up this stockpile, before you settle down to a steady flow.
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  Thanks for the quick response, sounds like it's time to consolidate some drovers and mules seeing as clydesdales just unlocked and learn to chill out when stops go orange in the future.