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Re: pak64 build a station using scripts

Started by koa_jp, March 12, 2023, 06:11:53 AM

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What's GCG1TrainStop & GCG2TrainStop in default pak64 pakset?
when I'm making simutrans script with using the follow code building station,
GCG1TrainStop & GCG2TrainStop is included in return value list.

building_desc_x.get_available_stations(building_desc_x.station, wt_rail, good_desc_x.passenger)
But GCG1TrainStop & GCG2TrainStop is not exist in railway tool.
and simutrans crashed with the follow code.

command_x.build_station(our_player, tile, "GCG2TrainStop")


Quote from: koa_jp on March 12, 2023, 06:11:53 AM...
building_desc_x.get_available_stations(building_desc_x.station, wt_rail, good_desc_x.passenger)...

local station_list = building_desc_x.get_available_stations(building_desc_x.station, wt_rail, good_desc_x("Passagiere"))


You must use the object name from the good file.

command_x.build_station(pl, tile, building_desc_x("GCG2TrainStop"))


good_desc_x.passenger and good_desc_x.mail are fine, see

Edit: Crash should be fixed in r10885. Thanks for reporting!
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