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Delaying disappearance of passengers
« on: August 03, 2009, 08:18:17 PM »
Recently due to carelessness on my part, thousands of passengers waiting at hub stations disappeared before I managed to set up new lines to transport them.
Here are 2 cases, both simplified:

Case 1: Train route A -B - C
Started out with 1 train serving the 3 stations, but with growth passengers at B bound for C started growing into thousands.
So I split the line into two, Line 1 (original train) A - B and Line 2 (new train) B - C.
However, I forgot to electrify the small crossover section from Depot to new Platform. So the new train does not leave the Depot and thousands of
passengers at B for C disappeared! My new strategy became somewhat useless. (Now I could do with much lower capacity train)
(This would not have happened if the train was steam/diesel  :'()

Case 2: Bus route HUB - A - B - C - D - E
Bus was filled at HUB with passengers bound for stops A and B, so C - D - E passengers started piling up in the thousands at the HUB.
Again I decided to split the line into 2, Line 1 (original) HUB - A - B and Line 2 (new) HUB - C- D - E.
Except with the new line I forgot to click stop C in the schedule, so Line 2 turned out to be HUB - D - E.
I noticed at the HUB that Line 2 bus filled with D and E passengers only, none for C. That is when I noticed my mistake but thousands of
passengers for waiting at HUB for C already disappeared.

So, can the disappearance of passengers in cases like above be delayed somewhat, perhaps 1 or 2 months (game clock)?
This will help correct the simple mistakes in route changes.

I notice that there have been no similar requests/questions in a while so perhaps everyone else is much more careful or perhaps fatalistic.

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Re: Delaying disappearance of passengers
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2009, 09:55:52 PM »
Hi micslu

I suspect your not the only one to have done this.  In fact I know you are not..cos I have done this accidentally a few times as well. 

Not only did waiting passengers disappear at my hub...but they also disappeared from all vehicles in the line (couple of hundred sailing ships) and at the omitted stop.  Thousands of passengers lost just like you.   I reloaded an earlier save in a really bad case.

As it stands it could be used as a deliberate ploy if going all out for growth.  By making passengers disappear you create room for new passengers to travel and thus help growth.

I can live with the immediate disappearance. 

An alternative enhancement perhaps would be game pause and warning message requesting confirmation "Cargos between a<>b about to be lost due to no route. Please 'confirm' or fix then hit 'recheck' This is your only warning"  If the recheck doesn't find a route then cargo is lost.  Not sure how you would deal with multiple connections being lost at the same time. Just a thought..not a show stopper to my mind.

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Re: Delaying disappearance of passengers
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2009, 01:10:53 PM »
The disappearance only occurs after the routing. Before the routing is completed, passengers cannot know that they will be lost. They could stay easily forver or until next year easily. But since you have told them that there is no route, they went away. But do not worry, in any case they will be back very soon.