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Author Topic: Games in Education Project - Education in Evolution  (Read 3820 times)

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Games in Education Project - Education in Evolution
« on: April 29, 2010, 01:33:57 PM »
Games in Education Project

with support Prof. Dr. Luiz Mario Queiroz, UNICAMP, BRAZIL

How to teach children to use SimuTrans while stimulating their financial education, the study model based on a study of Jean Piaget, as children build schemas for learning? As they assimilate new knowledge?

Template Based on Study of Social Interaction, Educator Russian Vygotsky as
We encourage social interaction based on SimuTrans?

As Vygotsky can be applied in Simutrans

How to apply studies of Conceptual Fields Theory of Vergnaud? Encouraging mathematical reasoning.
Case of successful social projects.

Based on that model of thought and study of financial education for children we can improve this model of education.
How to get a sense of investment such as the virtual model and a model applied to real everyday life of the student model in the Methodist University Izabela Hendrix in a school environment.

Project Free Course Avodha School of Entrepreneurship.
Planning for Urban Mobility and Transport Simulation

Results asking to be applied in other studies.
Games in Education Project

State University of Minas Gerais, the model proposed in June 2010.
Financial Education for Children in the risk area, Pedreira Prado Lopes.
Project trip to Know, Start April 2010.

Liberato Ferreira da Silva
Professor of Information Technology
Book, Urban Mobility With Simutrans.

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Re: Games in Education Project - Education in Evolution
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2010, 01:55:18 PM »
Moving this to an English-language board. Please note that posts in the DE board *must* be in German.

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