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Author Topic: [Tip] How to get more passengers?  (Read 8686 times)

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[Tip] How to get more passengers?
« on: August 29, 2010, 04:25:42 AM »
How to Get More Passengers

Do you want more passengers on your stops/stations?
Do you want to have a better profit?
Do you want to get more cash transporting passengers?
If one of them applies to you, here are some tips for you.

- Connect a network (a line) to two or three cities
- Connect to a industry (factory/plantation) to boost up production on the industry and have passengers [added]
- Put stops/stations near public attraction(s) - helps to get more passengers
- Also put stops/stations near high passenger level buildings
- If so, put some transfers with a suggested method of using trains or planes
- On a big city, lots of stops are needed to satisfy the passengers
- Do not anger the passengers. Make sure your stops/stations aren't overcrowding. If you want to avoid it, click this

I have created the network. Here are two stops at a town, Haltington.

The first stop is near an airport transporting cities (Abline and Manchester):

The second stop is a hub that connects to Al-Garhar by train:

Feedback is appreciated. If you need help regarding to this tutorial, reply here. :)
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Re: [Tip] How to get more passengers?
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revised and added a tip. ;)