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Release of pak128.Britain v1.08

Started by The Hood, October 26, 2010, 01:45:11 PM

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The Hood

While I have some time I will make a long overdue new release.  There's not too much new stuff from 1.07, but plenty of bugfixes and a few more ships and citybuildings.

You can download the zip from sourceforge:

   FIX: factory retire dates
   FIX: powerline graphics
   DEL: (outdated)
   FIX: Cityuilding names now compatible with auto-replacer
   DEL: duplicate pavement dat
   FIX: Diagonal road night pixels
   FIX: Masonary viaduct night pixels
   FIX: 1880 Offices snow images
   FIX: Pillars on viaducts
   FIX: Foreground images for stations with over-roof
   ADD: combined electrification waytypes (jamespetts)
   ADD: terraced town house (Archon)
   ADD: New road and rail vehicles (jamespetts)
   FIX: Tunnel retire years removed so can now build tunnels beyond 2000
   CHANGE: implement cityroad timeline compatible with latest nightly exes
   CHANGE: SVN Eol-style for text files
   DEL: rogue pak files in SVN
   CHANGE: make rivers more expensive
   FIX: zero-weight problem for some road vehicles
   CHANGE: reduce costs for wooden trestle road bridge
   ADD: GWR Hawksworth County (jamespetts)
   CHANGE: Graphics for GWR modified hall (jamespetts)
   CHANGE: capacities for BR Mk1 Suburban coaches (jamespetts)
   FIX: object names for West Country and Merchant Navy (neroden)
   CHANGE: MOSE script and parameters (neroden)
   ADD: more shop graphics (Archon & Wlindley)
   ADD: HQs (Wlindley)
   ADD: More citybuildings (Archon)
   FIX: Correct syntax for tram waytypes
   FIX: River and canal upgrade costs
   FIX: various bus and truck weights were incorrect (AEO)
   FIX: various rail vehicle constraints were broken (AEO)
   FIX: graphical glitch on brick station with overroof
   FIX: LNWR PoW class intro date was wrong (Archon)
   FIX: LNER A3 graphics had some stray pixels (AEO)
   ADD: Three new boats
   ADD: New EMUs (JamesPetts)
   ADD: Volvo RH Class bus (VOLVO)
   ADD: VOLVO's citycars (VOLVO)
   ADD: Open crossings for early years (WLindley)
   ADD: Snow images for AHB Crossing
   ADD: SS Great Britain, SS Great Eastern, Iron Paddle Steamer


I would be nice, if you could include the network dialogue on the 'n' key to have a consistent binding in

The Hood

OK, that might have to wait for next time now...  Are there any other network (or other) related things I need to know about to incorporate?  I'm afraid I've been a bit quiet following the forum recently.


Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.

Jim Knopf

Hi Hood,

I get an error message when I start this new version 1.08. Does it only run with newest nightlys. I use the last stable release 102.2.2

The Hood

Hi Jim, it works fine for me with both the nightly and the last stable 102.2.2.  It looks like BritGoods.pak is somehow missing from your pak128.Britain directory - can you check it is there?  You could also try redownloading or even copying BritGoods.pak from the previous version (it hasn't changed since 1.07) and seeing if that fixes the problem.  Other than that, I don't know - if anyone else is having this problem I'd be interested to hear.

Jim Knopf

I've re-downloaded the pakset and now it works.  Thanks for your help and thanks for the great pakset. :)


Great pak!

jap train fan

umm i got a message in the beginnig
fatal error: ob j_reader_t::resolve_xrfes
cannot resolve "SMOK industry smoke"
Press any key

nb: i have a lot of addons
    all these addons work in the version 1.07

The Hood

Have you accidentally deleted BritSmoke.pak?

jap train fan

The Hood

In which case I suggest creating a new pak folder with just the files from pak128.Britain (best if you redownload the pak for this) in it and checking that runs fine for you.  Once you've confirmed that, bring over your addons bit by bit and see which file it is that is causing the problems...