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New pakset: pak64.ho-scale

Started by rainer, December 18, 2010, 10:51:27 PM

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Gooooood evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Following the thread:
I would like to present the first demo of



As there are many ways and styles to have fun with simutrans,
this pakset is dedicated to all friends which like to play
the "modell train" style. It is usable in the usual way as
well, but I suppose the fun for those who are longing for
millions on their account will be reduced.

In general, the scale is "1 px = 22,5 cm" (or 3/4 feet), but
not very consistent. Like modell trains, the trains are a
little bit bigger (some 2 px more width, track is some 4 px
more wide). A person is some 8 pixels high (like in pak64.
The 128 britain cars and horse carriages would fit as well).
The details of the buildings should fit the scale.


- Long locomotives and waggons have to be cutted into 2 or 3
- The far bigger size of the trains needs far more work
 in designing them - especially when cutted. (Experienced
 designers should feel free to pursuade me of the opposite.)

- Details like bridges and tunnels are somehow tricky to


- Tracks lying side by side are connected. Complex details
 like track systems at stations are looking far better.

- The bigger size of the trains allows more detailled design.

- The relation between the objects is looking better.

Weighing those points, I decided to go for the actual size.
Watching convoys changing their direction is always ugly,
so divided units are not making things worse.


Don't care for money, timeline, city growth and automated
industrialisation. Switch it off, get the public player
and build everything for yourself.

Care for nice things, combine the objects how you (or your
father?) would do it on a modell train in your living room
or basement.

Do not let the trains turn around on the spot. 45 deg
should be the max. Combine the tracks and switches in the
half-realistic modell train style.

A bridge over a track needs 2 tiles height as minimum!

Allthough the Pakset is basing on pak64, almost all
graphics are new. Just some textures and internal
graphics will be replaced in the next days. Some texts
are waiting for editing.

Have a glance at default.sve. Enjoy the city list. : - )

This is a demo! Do not build complex games! The next
versions are not compatible!

Actual Status

Somehow a "Starter Pack" of a modell train:

- Adler with coaches
- few 1860 freight waggons
- some RES, few IND and COM
- road and train depot
- tracks and switches, semaphore
- rail tunnel and bridge
- simple road bridge
- few townhalls
- few stations, stops and extensions
- some trees
- invisible loco and station, just for decoration.
 Use it to park waggons without loco and/or trains
 somewhere outside a station.
- Prussian G3, 0-3-0 steam loco, 1877
- Prussian coaches, ~ 1850

Developement status

Graphics in developement, but not finished yet
(sorry, I went ill last month, but I really
wanted to release that demo before Christmas.)

- citycars
- pedestrians
- DB BR261 German Diesel loco
- DB E10-12 German electr. loco
- DB E180 German electr. loco
- DB E103 German electr. loco
- 3 serials of DB coaches, 1965 to 1885
- more 2-axle freight waggons
- more townhalls
- more city buildings
- simple train station set
- train station set "Hof"
- extension and stop set "Factory"
- platform set
- [edit: finished: Prussian loco with coaches, ~ 1860]
- bulk truck
- $surprise (small factory chain, incl. vehicles and stops)
- more trees

Graphics requested from other sources, but undecided yet

- citycars from pak128.britain
- carriages from pak128.britain


No work has been started yet on the following objects/systems.
They might come whenever graphics are available.

- rivers/ships: later.

- trams: sooner.

- narrowgauge: undecided.

- air: undecided, likely far later.

- climates/seasons effects: undecided, likely not (Exception: Snow
 on ground, but not on players objects)

- monorail: most likely not.

- player colour: most likely not.

Allthough all objects are from Germany this is more
by chance than by intention. Objects from other
countries are welcome!




The name "pak64.ho-scale" is not carved in stone.
Whoever has a better idea, should shout.

Compatibility should be given to all more or less
actual versions of simutrans standard.

I have to apologise to the inconsistent quality
of the graphics. I started just 8 weeks ago and have
to learn _a lot_!


Everyone is welcome to help, critizise, praise or swear.
Bug messages are highly appreciated.

Every graphic which is fitting the style and size of this
pakset will be happily accepted, when the source is available
and the artist/author agrees in using GPLv3.


The sources (.dat, .png, .xcf) will be published
under GPLv3 on Penny's SVN server whenever everything
is sorted in a manageable way.

Allthough I doubt heavily that any of the objects are usable
in other paksets, GPL allows that - as long as any redistribution
remains under GPL. There is no need to contact me (or other
authors in future) or to ask anyone for any permission to use,
change or whatever. Just do it and enjoy your freedom!

(1,3 MB)
[Edit: changed URL to latest version]


I have to thank all the friends who brought Simutrans up to
the actual status. I am watching that project since 2004 and
am really happy to see its growth - as in users and as in
quality, stability, and assortment of paksets. It is an
honour for me to contribute.

Thanks to[1] Penny, Dwachs, Prissi, Frank, Vladimir Slavik
and all the others for their hints, infos and documentation
regarding the non-trivial system of handling objects.

[1] sorted by vogonian ramdom


Wow. You really know how to surprise! A.Brose had something similar, except one scale smaller (32->64 px) and never released. I hope this project will end up a bit more alive :)

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


Well, as long I like to play with it, it will keep alive. ; - )

Regarding object sizes, the screenshot below shows the DB E103 from pak64.german, pak128, pak192.comic and pak64.hoscale, on pak64 tracks, highest zoom.


Hmm, a bug, I think - the tender constraint for the Adler locomotive is wrong, so it is unable to couple to anything.
Download Simutrans-Extended.

Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

Follow Simutrans-Extended on Facebook.


[ x ] fixed

Classic fail. A bug, which was fixed before, found his way back into the trunk. : - (

Thanks for the hint!


FIX invisible stuff
CHA default.sve, added invisible stuff
FIX road at stop-carriage
FIX some pixel errors at way-rail-120
ADD PrSE-BR-G3, Prussian steam loco 1877
ADD Tender-t312, Prussian 3axle tender
ADD PrSE-coach-1850-1stclass.pak
ADD PrSE-coach-1850-2ndclass.pak
ADD PrSE-coach-1850-3rdclass.pak
ADD PrSE-postwaggon-1850.pak


ADD KBstB-BVI, Bavarian steam loco, 1863
ADD Tender-3t9, Bavarian 3axle tender


Really cool pak, I really liked the way the trains moves and do turns. The idea is really cool, keep the good work.
I added it on paksets list on Portuguese and English Wikis.

I've added a image gallery for your pakset.

Question: Your pak have a version number?



There is no number yet. The set is still in "demo status". Version numbers will appear later.


CHA PrSE-coaches-1840: increased speed
ADD COM_00_02 place with trees
ADD tree.6
MOV 2cv.png -> citycar-2cv.png
CHA citycar.dat updated
MOV kbst-bVI* loco-kbst-bVI*
CHA loco-kbst-bVI.dat updated
MOV prse-br-g3* -> loco-prse-g3*
CHA loco-prse-g3.dat updated
CHA reconfigured roads
DEL default.sve, broken after almost every update
ADD building.Park
ADD way.Park
ADD way-object.Park

The park system is the first example where the "normal style" of playing (where Simutrans is automatically distributing the objects) will lead to hm... "seldom" results. Therefore most of the building objects are set to chance=0. You have to use the public player and build them by yourself. To make things easier, I used road and tram_track as well. It is not intended to use it for normal traffic. If you use it for that purpose, don't blame me. : - )

For sure, this set will  never be finished. Statues, other plants, fountains, petanque, a.s.o. might be included later.

Below some screenshot for demonstrating some of the possibilities.

Have fun!


Another place


A poor copy of Düsseldorf's "Königsallee"


More complexity is possible. Here a park in the typical square style of the Prussian era, but with a diagonal view through it.


An old castle with it's park.


Download Simutrans-Extended.

Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

Follow Simutrans-Extended on Facebook.


One detail, I would leave more space between the trees and use two or three different models, as now imho looks repetitive.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


MOV RoadCobblestone -> city_road, for system doesn't behave as documented in
CHA city_road, reduced costs
ADD track-builder, IND

Have you ever thought why tracks at Simutrans will never break, even after 100 years of use?!
I used the opportunity of the longest night of the year to find out how this is managed. All the night I controlled the game for suspicious activity. In the early morning I got them! Track workers are there!


CHA *waggon-maker* minor improvements
ADD IND_00_02 lumber yard by Vilvoh
ADD IND_03_02 plank yard by Vilvoh
ADD IND_03_05 lumber crane yellow by Vilvoh
ADD IND_06_02 lumber manpower crane by Vilvoh
ADD IND_08_03 lumber crane red by Vilvoh
CHA COM* no retire year
CHA IND* no retire year
CHA RES* no retire year

CHA HorseBusBarcelona reduced saturation
CHA Ludwigsbahn reduced saturation
MOV HorseBusBarcelona CarriagesHorseBusBarcelona
ADD CarriageWood
ADD CarraigeMailWellsFargo
MOV Horses2 Horses

FIX prse-coaches-1850* generation, colour windows
ADD horse-bus-barcelona
ADD horses

MOV prse-coaches-1850* coaches-prse-1870*
ADD coaches-prse-1850*
DEL building.TrackBuilder.pak, was still available by error. factory now.
DEL way-object.overheadpower*, was released to early by error.
FIX cleaned up some mess
ADD history.txt

ADD tree.7
FIX position tree.6
ADD factory.Forest
CHA TrackBuilder is factory now, consuming wood
ADD prse-freight-waggon-1860-wood FreightImage
ADD TruckStop-TrackBuilder
ADD FreightStation-TrackBuilder
ADD TruckStop-Forest
ADD FreightStation-Forest
FIX rail-road-crossing.dat
CHA prse-freight-waggons-1860* reduced running cost
CHA prse-coaches-1850* reduced running cost
CHA KBSt-BVI adjusted
ADD loco-Planet
ADD Planet-tender
ADD coaches-hannover*, dates and colours guessed. Better sources?
ADD locomotion-no1
ADD locomotion-no1-tender
ADD loco-rocket
ADD loco-rocket-tender
ADD demo3.4.sve
ADD waggon-coal-1829

Obviously, my Christmas days were boring. ; - )
I know: The lately published vehicles are in need of readjustment a.s.o. Will do it later.
In pak64.ho-scale/ there is a demo3.4.sve, my favorite testgame for the moment. Have fun!

ADD icons build curiosities, list curiosities
ADD CUR-church-1730

I have to admit that I do not like the church. I have to improve it - later.

CHA Tender-3t12 adjusted
ADD RES_02_01
ADD RES_02_02
ADD RES_02_03


Don't worry, it is still alive. Developement is going on, but slowly. Hopefully, a full version will be released by end of the year.

The screenshots are showing a furniture factory. They need a lot of wood. Wood tends to burn. Luckily, the fire brigade is in the neighborhood.

Full versions of the screenshots:


Download Simutrans-Extended.

Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

Follow Simutrans-Extended on Facebook.


WOW, cool!

The station must use a station extension, right, because the space left on the side of the track will not be enough for the passangers to stand. Its more realistic.


Sorry, Vonjo, I don't get your point.


Hey rainer! Still working on it! I look forward to download the stable soon :D.
Grosses Lob!



Xeno, thanks to you for the RENFE 333! ; - )

Would you please contact me on Jabber IRC regarding more exports of your Blender files?


Quote from: rainer on August 27, 2011, 03:29:21 PM
Sorry, Vonjo, I don't get your point.
Hmmm... it is hard to explain. I think I should see the station first.
Ok you can forget about that for now. And I might be wrong too.


Vonjo, I am just guessing: You think, that the platforms are not wide enough for passengers? This problem might be solvable by additional platforms as extensions? If I guessed correct, you are right. Problem is solved:

[Edit] Xeno, you can see your RENFE 333 there. ; - )


WOW, the picture is...just...amazing!!!! This pak should definitely be developed further. It looks so authentic. Huge compliment for you rainer!


Emil Sawicki

@rainer: pak64.H0-scale is my favourite pakset (except classic pak64) and I'm interested in playing it. Vehicles are so lovely and precisely drawn. I think buildings are little too dark, and there are too few houses. Still I'm waiting for any updates and I hope you won't stop your work.

So tell me, where I can download newest version? Link in first post leads to old version.
Simutrans 123, Windows 10


Quote from: Emil Sawicki on September 27, 2011, 08:53:35 PM
@rainer: pak64.H0-scale is my favourite pakset (except classic pak64) and I'm interested in playing it.

Thank you! : - )

Quote from: Emil Sawicki on September 27, 2011, 08:53:35 PM
So tell me, where I can download newest version? Link in first post leads to old version.

There is no "new" version. I am still working on it. Most likely there will be a beta by end of the year. But I will try to publish a second playable demo within the next weeks.


The Photo from the new modellslook good out.
Opening hours 20:00 - 23:00
(In Night from friday on saturday and saturday on sunday it possibly that i be keep longer in Forum.)
I am The Assistant from Pakfilearcheologist!
Working on a big Problem!


Hi, friends!

I planned to release a 0.10 version by end of the year, but this
seems to be unlikely. Therefore I think it is time to present a
second working demo - including sources. Some remarks:

1. Progress since last Demo

Just locos and coaches, representing a subset of units, which
have been on duty in middle Europe from the 60ies to 80ies.
Some more houses, few more stations, some details. The pakset is
far from being complete, but constantely growing - and playable.
(Detailled news: sources/history.txt. More details about the
concept: in the first post of this thread and in README.TXT)

2. Consistency

The namespace seems to be stable meanwhile. I can't guarantee
anything, but it should stay stable in future. If changes might
occur, they will most likely be covered by a

3. Special objects

Some objects might lead to confusion when using all standard
parameters. I tried to solve that problem by setting them to
"chance=0" or storing them in addons/. If you want to use them,
change to public player and/or load with addons.

In addons/:

- The invisible loco, to be used for parking waggons

- The invisible station, to be used for parking vehicles somewhere
  on a track, without a (visible) station

- All objects which are belonging to the park set.

- The copies of the townhalls (configurated as COM), to be used
  for extending the "real" townhalls.

Setted to "chance=0", to be placed by public player:

- The first "slope objects". They need flattened slope tiles.
  Actually, it is just Well and Well2.

- factory.trackbuilder

4. Sources

The source archive includes the sources, .dat and .png as well as
the .xcf output of Gimp. Feel free to play with them, to improve
them, to use them. I will happily test all improved and/or added
objects and integrate them into the pakset (if they are fitting
the style and measurements of pak64.ho-scale and the author/artist
agrees in publishing under the terms of GPLv3).

Especially our blender experts might feel encouraged to let
blender rerender their objects for pak64.ho-scale measurements
and send them to me. (Kudos to Vilvoh and Xeno, BTW!)
- Sun and shadow is not planned, but won't disturb.
- Snow versions are not necessary, but won't disturb either, I think.
- If in doubt, don't care for precise length, but for width and
  height. Length can be handled by Gimp.

5. Download

Pakset (1,3 MB):

Sources (9 MB):

These URLs will permanently lead to the latest versions.

6. Contribute

Yes, please! ;-)
Bugs, Praises, sweares, comments, critic, ideas and more/better
objects are highly welcome here in this thread or via

Have fun!


I stumbled upon this thread, saw the screenshots and fell in love. But when I wanted to try the pak I ran into this error:

What might be the reason?
I tried with simutrans 110.0.1, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Looking forward to replies

So.... I tried with the never version 111.0 now and it works. This pak set looks so absolutely awesome. That's true model railroad feeling. Compliments!



so your pak doesn't work with simutrans 110.0.1? Or is there something wrong on my side?


It should work with all more or less actual versions. I just checked with 102.3. It starts.
As the is included in the right place, and this place hasn't been changed for years, I really do not know, why you get the quoted error message.