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Scripting Scenarios and AI / Re: Function to Mark the ground
« Last post by Dwachs on Today at 06:58:23 PM »
Such a method would have to iterate through all tiles of the map, which might be a very time consuming method. Please implement this somehow in your script.
Bug Reports / Re: [120.4] Can not start with addons
« Last post by Dwachs on Today at 06:53:05 PM »
This warning shows many false positives: We do not need to warn if an object in the base pakset is overlaid by an object in the addons. The warning should only occur if there are objects with same name in base set (or with same name in addons).
Scripting Scenarios and AI / Re: Function to Mark the ground
« Last post by Yona-TYT on Today at 05:36:51 PM »
Thank you very much, very happy about that.

Another detail:
Is it possible to do an "unmark_all" to unmark all the tiles at the same time? ... that would be very practical.
Scripting Scenarios and AI / Re: Function to Mark the ground
« Last post by Dwachs on Today at 05:16:13 PM »
Functions to mark tiles are now in r8613, see
Pak128.German / Re: Screenshots of PAK128.german
« Last post by pumuckl999 on Today at 02:43:58 PM »
In our pakset we use a bigger scale for the trains as for example in pak128. To realize bigger vehicles I have to reduce the lenght of this vehicles....
In the past all the vehicles get the same lenght-scale, but I think especially shorter vehicles looks terrible in this scale. So I have rendered some locos and wagons for passengers/ mail a little longer, wagons for goods will follow soon I hope.

V80 with 4 cl/15 as an example: Maybe you need a longer trainstation for the newer version of the train.

/old version of this train needs a stop with lenght of three, the new version length of four.
Und irgendwas ist durcheinandergewürfelt: Pak128.german in Version 0.10.4 ist Revision 2135. Rev. 8504 muss die einer ST-Version sein, genauer der 120.3. Und dort wird vermutlich auch der Hund begraben sein: Die von sheldon verwendete makeobj-Version wird zu neu für ein älteres ST sein?

Sry, kann leider nicht testen, Dropbox darf bei mir nicht.

Maybe the used makeobj-version is newer than the ST-version from Lauscher?
Pak128 Add-ons and Graphics / Re: new trailers and paintings for pak128
« Last post by Leartin on Today at 02:14:49 PM »
Pak128German und Pak128 sind zwei komplett verschiedene Paksets. Pak128 kanns du hier downloaden:

Sheldon hat in seinem Profil nur Englisch und Portugiesisch angegeben, bringt also nicht viel, ihn auf Deutsch anzuschreiben. Wenn du selber kein Englisch kannst, versuchs zumindest mit dem Google Übersetzer oder ähnlichem, denn nur Fremdsprache ohne zumindest rudimentärer englischen Übersetzung entspricht nicht den hiesigen Forenregeln.
Lauscher was confused why the addons don't work with any of his pakset versions, but he uses pak128.German instead of pak128.
I told him they are different paksets, and that he should use english (Google Translator if there is no other way), especially if talking to someone who probably does not even speak German.
Pak128 Add-ons and Graphics / Re: new trailers and paintings for pak128
« Last post by Lauscher on Today at 12:54:43 PM »
Hallo habe jetzt mit vielen Pack 128 deine LKW und Trailer oder Anhänger getestet, bei keinem meiner mittlerweile 6 Pak 128 funktionieren deine Teile etwas. Deshalb Frage ich mich mit welcher Version Arbeitest du ???
Ich Pak 128 german V 0.10.4 Rev 8504 oder die anderen letzten simutrans Versionen ! 128.2 von Dez.17
Aber du kannst mir ja mal eine Private Nachricht senden unter Mail:
Simutrans Extended Discussion / Re: Passing loop, how to build?
« Last post by BareJag on Today at 09:10:11 AM »
I miss the double block signal in this version. Though so far I've only used signal box system. Maybe I'll try something else later today.

In the old version I used to build something like this. Every section can hold an entire train.

      Heavy loads  -->
                     \B4========/                                                                                                               \B4============/
       Light loads   <--

This creats deadlocks when there's too much trafic. Then I use to uppgrade to this one, with enough space two trains on every track on the loops. For this later one one can have about half of the line single-track when used at it most. When this was becoming too easily deadlocked I used to make double track or a new line depending on the situation. The priority signals improved the system in some ways and made it more flexible adaptive. But I don't recall right now how I did.

                     \B4=======A4=======/                                                                                      \B4=======A4==========/

= Track
/ \ Junctions
A Normal signal
B Presignal
C Priority signal
5 Two-way signal
4 Left facing
6 Rigth
Simutrans Extended Discussion / Re: Passing loop, how to build?
« Last post by Vladki on Yesterday at 09:23:55 PM »
Here are two screenshots of what I have in mind.

The first is the simplest and most effective passing loop for simutrans. tracks in the loop are one way, signals used are simple (2-aspect) signals (either absolute block, track circuit, or cab signal, maybe even token block could work). The only disadvantage is that the train never goes straight, but if you build it this way, it will have the same slowdown for both directions, and will slow down at the signal, where it can be expected to stop anyway. If your line is not straight you can build the passing loop between bends of the track that would be there anyway.

The second shows how signals are placed in real world. The unlabeled signals are again simple (2-aspect) signals. The problem with this layout in simutrans is that the virtual signalman does not check anything else than track clearance, while real signalman, would check also if he has any free track for the coming train, to avoid deadlock. In simutrans when a train will pass the choose signal, it will clear the line and next train could immediately follow in the same direction, eventually filling the passing loop and get stuck. To avoid this you have to modify the signalling. One thing that could do it is to use double-block signals (pre-signals in standard) instead of the simple signals on loop tracks. That way the train would not leave the loop if the next one is occupied.
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