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[FR]Français (French) / Re: Matériel Français
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 02:19:31 PM »
Juste un petit post pour dire que je suis toujours vivant, je suis juste sur un projet plus conséquent que d'habitude (et je ne suis pas a fond non plus, je profite du soleil ;) )

Voilà voilà, et profitez bien de ce jour férié ! ;)
Praises / Re: The Network Map is Magic!
« Last post by Matthew on Today at 02:19:11 PM »
Just wondering: is this partly in response to the recent improvements in Extended (filtering by player, vehicle type and goods type)?

I had not even noticed that. Thank you for making a good thing even better! I have filtered using the legend buttons, but being able to filter by player and vehicle type will be very helpful, since games can get so complex.

A little history, if you're interested: The network map began as an external tool (using Java) over 7 years ago by yorkeiser. Prissi then worked with yorkeiser to incoporate it into Simutrans, and it was released about 6 years ago. The filtering was added to Standard four years ago (by Ucho, with tweaks by Prissi), but was only ported to Extended last week.

Thank you for giving credit where credit is due. I have a vague memory of hearing about the external tool (I was a lurker for a long time before I joined this forum).
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Make a real city in Simutrans
« Last post by Ters on Today at 12:54:24 PM »
Also, all angles are 90 degrees. While some cities are planned to a regular grid, it normally applies to only certain parts, and the original plan may have been disregarded over time anyway, or even had exceptions from the start.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Make a real city in Simutrans
« Last post by jameskuyper on Today at 12:39:43 PM »
It's not really possible to accurately represent a real city in SImutrans (inaccurately representing one is easy, of course) - it's got serious problems with scale, in several different forms.
All ways are exactly 1 tile wide, all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings occupy exactly one tile. In real life, streets and railways are normally only a few meters wide. Buildings vary widely in size, ane are almost always much larger than that in both dimensions.
There's also problems of economic scale. The number of factories of each type that get randomly generated, and their production and consumption levels, are not particularly good matches to reality - they've been set primarily with the goal of making a good game, rather than an accurate simulation.
Technical Documentation / Re: ifdef !== if X=1
« Last post by prissi on Today at 07:46:46 AM »
Technically, -DUSE_UPNP is a compiler switch ... Also it is use in exactly one place.

As for machine dependent stuff, some thing have been outsourced into simsys and simsys_w/l. Some other stuff is not so easy to ourtsource.

Compared to some other code I have looked up, I would say we are right in the middle. Also, if one want to use MSVC, then it is rather compiler switches, or one needs to import all but one file again for a different flavour. In order to have debug and release builds of Simutrasn using SDL2 and GDI with and without freetype and miniupnpC one would need to add 7 targets. I am not sure, if this is better.
No, that colour is still fixed. That's why I want to work on all gui dialogues, so I can check all fixed colours and change them with meaningful parameters.
Code: [Select]
133 PIXVAL color = value >= 0 ? (value > 0 ? MONEY_PLUS : color_idx_to_rgb(COL_YELLOW)) : MONEY_MINUS;
Well, that windows started tiny a long while ago. Indeed, we need.
Bug Reports / Re: [r8449] - Does not build without miniupnp
« Last post by prissi on Today at 03:40:46 AM »
Ok that needs to be changed.Thanks for spotting.
Such problems will only increase with scaling font size. (But even MS WIndows has them when scaling fonts ...)

One probably should use another color for unused than yellow. I think this is configurable already.
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