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Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Bug: Overcapacity stage coach.
« Last post by DrSuperGood on Today at 04:10:07 PM »
From what I can tell this seems fixed. Have not noticed any over capacity or wrong class numbers in convoy info panels recently.
I would recommend reducing the frame rate to 15. I pretty much have to play at maximum zoom level and even still start to lag behind with enough windows open.

For future tests I recommend using a map half the size. As good as these massive maps are I think experimental is just too demanding for them, especially in a multiplayer environment.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Bug: Overcapacity stage coach.
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 12:43:02 PM »
Can I check whether this is still an issue?
I have noted some feedback suggesting that people are having performance problems (i.e., a large lag between input and action, caused by the clients not keeping up with the server). When we last had this issue, I managed to optimise performance a little, and also reduced the server's target framerate from 30fps to 20fps to make it easier for clients to keep up. It seems that this is again becoming more of an issue as the map expands.

May I ask what people's views would be on further reducing the target framerate from 20 to 15fps? The movement of graphics will be noticeably less smooth, but there will be a reduced tendency to lag behind the server.
Tannerge - passengers can indeed walk from one station/stop to another in order to transfer. May I ask why you found that you needed one way signs between all stops to get this to work when you were able to split some of the stops? You would in principle only need one way signs either side of any joined stops.

ACarlotti - the stop joining code is unchanged from Standard; the behaviour is that it is not possible to split a stop on adjacent tiles, but a split stop can be created on adjacent tiles by building inwards as you describe.

There is currently work in progress on a number of additional features (in a separate branch, as these are quite major changes). One of them is an "ignore choose signals" option for each stop in the schedule. I wonder whether there would be any sense in expanding the function of this option so that it did not cause the convoys just to ignore choose signals, but also not to look for an alternative platform in the same stop? It would then be possible to control the behaviour that Tannerge is finding difficult here.
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Matériel Français
« Last post by MF67_G3059 on Today at 11:34:11 AM »
perso, j'aime beaucoup

beau travail  :D ;)
Pak128 Bug Reports / The status of sound folder in pak128
« Last post by uci on Today at 08:38:26 AM »
Most WAV files in "pak128\pak128.prototype\sound" folder are taken from pak64: boing.wav,cash.wav,click.wav,dock.wav,explosion.wav,gavel.wav,jackhammer.wav

and also

aircraft-jet_stop.wav  = comet-jet.wav
engine-start-diesel_d.wav = truck.wav
engine-start-diesel-1.wav = bus.wav
train-horn-steam-0.wav = steam.wav
train-horn-diesel-0.wav = diesel.wav

Looking more deeply I noticed several wrong references. Below is a list of files which should be slightly changed to have proper sounds in game (instructions included).

Code: [Select]
sound[0] in not used
sound[1] in used by ships (it is a truck sound!)
sound[1]=engine-start-diesel_d.wav -> sound[1]=ship-horn_a.wav

Code: [Select]
sound[2] in not used
sound[3] in not used
sound[4] in not used
sound[5] not defined in, but it is referenced by all airplanes
Add line

Code: [Select]
engine-start-diesel-1.wav is used by 3 airplanes (it is a bus sound!)
sound=engine-start-diesel-1.wav -> sound=5

Code: [Select]
engine-start-petrol-0.wav not used
horsegallop2.wav not used
train-horn-diesel-0.wav is used by 3 road trucks (it is a train sound!)
sound=train-horn-diesel-0.wav -> sound=engine-start-diesel-0.wav

Code: [Select]
train-horn-steam-0.wav is used by several ships (it is a train sound!)
sound=train-horn-steam-0.wav -> sound=ship-horn_a.wav

And also in
sound=train-horn-steam-0.wav -> sound=-1

May I ask to add following ambiental and crossing sounds from pak64 into pak128\pak128.prototype\sound folder?

Ambiental sounds are produced at cursor position after 13 seconds of no movement
( )

Also add line
to pak128\infrastructure\road_rail_crossings\RoadTrackCrossing.dat
(once, under the fast crossing object)
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Increase production
« Last post by DrSuperGood on Today at 04:57:52 AM »
One can set production of an industry when it is created using the public player company's create industry tool. However due to design oversight the UI limits one to enter at most 9999 units per month...
Yes, walking transfers are available.

James, is there any way to split a stop involving just two adjacent tiles? Or do you have to start with non-adjacent tiles and expand inwards? The behaviour is unclear to me.
I tried splitting up my stops but i needed one way signs between each stop in order to get it to work - which is a lot of effort.

The problem is not all the stops can be split. for example my tram line needs to connect to a rail station for transfers but its not like the connection to the rail station can be split up. can passengers walk from one station/stop to another in order to transfer?
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