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Sounds about right.

Also in my case, this is for Tier I tech support for a webhost/datacenter, so onboarding should be faster.

Although I found out the training schedule today - A week of tech stuff, then slowing ramping up calls/chats/etc. So it doesn't seem too terrible so far.
Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: Drawing height maps by hand
« Last post by An_dz on Today at 02:11:06 AM »
You just randomly paint with the grey colours needed with the pencil tool (most drawing software call it that).

Just follow the tutorials on how to do a heightmap from real terrain but ignoring the entire part where you obtain the real terrain image.
Thank you very much for the update. I shall look forward to being able to incorporate this when it is ready.
Until someone makes better canal mechanics I would suggest making upgrading of navigable water ways to canals require use of a key modifier to prevent this from happening by mistake.

This is not simple: it only makes sense to do this on slopes, but then this introduces significant complexity. If this be done generally, canals would have an inconsistent interface with everything else, which would be extremely confusing to players.
Until someone makes better canal mechanics I would suggest making upgrading of navigable water ways to canals require use of a key modifier to prevent this from happening by mistake.
It is not really helpful to classify this as a bug, as it is clearly working as it was designed to work: any canal on any sloped tile is represented as a lock and has a speed restriction commensurate with a lock. Rather, the issue is that the basic mechanism of upgrading navigable rivers on tiles with canals thus creating locks is anomalous.

I can understand the issue - but rectifying this would require some quite substantial and fairly fundamental changes to the way in which canals work of a rather different order of magnitude than would be required for fixing a bug. It would also require some careful thought about precisely what is being represented by a navigable river on a sloped tile.
Randomness Lounge / Re: Moving from Florida to Virginia (renamed topic)
« Last post by Ters on Yesterday at 03:30:01 PM »
That's faster than what I'm used to where I work. It often takes four months from the interview to the first day at work. Then it takes a few months to get them up to speed, at least if they are going to work on existing projects (which also keeps an existing employee occupied).

The upper management doesn't seem to realize this. We are given money at the start of the year for a new project, meant to be completed within the year, but all existing employees are busy maintaining the previous years' projects. So we have to hire more, which they grudgingly accepts. By this time of year, they freak out that we haven't started using the money yet, because the new guys haven't started working yet, if we've gotten anyone to accept at all. If the money hasn't been used by the end of the year, we lose them (it's a government thing) and might not get them back in next years budget. (They try to avoid this problem by hiring consultants rather than employees, which also burns through money three times faster, but consultants also need to learn how our systems work. And currently, demand is greater than the supply.)
Was upgrading some of my lines and semi-accidently upgraded an elevation/ramp of large river to large ship canal. Both have same restrictions as far as vehicle capability.

The problem is that the locks that the large ship canal have installed actually slow down ships using the river. The natural, before installing locks, speed for the elevation/ramp is 40km/h. The large ship canal locks are just 2km/h. This means ships can more quickly traverse the river without upgrading it to large ship canal than after upgrading.

Now locks being slow is understandable, they just are in real life. However the bug here is not with the locks themselves, but rather that the locks were created to begin with. Since this river had no problem operating ship traffic without locks before, there should be no locks installed as they are not needed. Alternatively ships should not be allowed to travel up the river without first installing locks to allow them to do so. The current logic is counter intuitive as it is better to not canal the rivers than it is to canal them, which is the opposite of what the canal way tools will do since it will automatically "upgrade" the large river to large ship canal when dragging over it.
The new files (prepmap.*) are missing in the patch file. Also the change to grund.h/.cc can be committed immediately imho.
Ops, thought the file was added to the SVN file structure but it was not.

Also forgot that grund was purely code quality improvements in the end and had nothing to do with the rest of the system. At some stage I was hacking around in it trying for optimizations or alternative solutions but in the end only the code quality improvements were left.
Bug Reports / Re: [120.3r8054] Sound Effect Button Alway Mute
« Last post by prissi on Yesterday at 01:06:55 PM »
These sounds are usually never playerd at full level (so 8 bit is ok). Also they have no direction, so mono is fine. These two are already 4x saving without imposing on quality in the game. The GDI version could also play mp3 coded wavs, but linux cannot (at least the last time when I tested, which might be already ten years ago ... )
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