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Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: City roads timeline discussion
« Last post by DrSuperGood on Today at 11:44:23 PM »
The city roads timeline is indeed defined in It is used not only on map creation but also when the city grows, or upgrades buildings. So after the introduction of new city road type, the city will gradually replace the roads and will look like a patchwork...
Only in "use timeline" is enabled. Since otherwise the oldest city road type is always used. I personally view this as a bug, much like how speed bonus works in such a case, and so instead a better behaviour should be to use the most modern road type since chances are players will end up using modern vehicles that need them, unless specifically model rail building in which case they can turn off city growth.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Signal aspect problems
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 11:07:52 PM »
I am afraid that I cannot reproduce this: at 2:24:18 in August 2016 in the saved game to which you linked in this message, the signal at 522,476 is correctly at danger. I get the same result at that time in this saved game.

In the latter game, a few seconds before 2:24:18, a Voyager DMU is approaching Crewe and the signal is set to caution, which is also correct, as the next signal is at danger. The signal correctly does not display the feather aspect, as, in Simutrans-Extended, the feather aspect means that the train has been routed to a platform other than its default platform. In this case, the train has been routed to its default platform.

Can you explain what at that specific time and place you think is incorrect about that specific signal showing that specific aspect?
Thank you for your report. I believe that I have now fixed this. I should be grateful if you could re-test with the next nightly build.
On Stephenson-Siemnes server game, we have a player with quite long name:
"Passengerpigeon's overland travel, city traction and shipping company"

I wanted to look at his finances graphs, but simutrans crashed with:
Code: [Select]
*** buffer overflow detected ***: /home/vladki/simutrans-ext/simutrans-extended terminated
And long backtrace.

But I can see finances of other players without any problems. So I suspect that the player extremely long name or special characters are the problem.
The interesting bit starts about 10-15 minutes in and lasts for about 30 minutes.
OMG 1,5 hour... TLDW (too long didn't watch)
Pak128.Sweden-Ex / Re: pak128.Sweden-Ex Screenshots
« Last post by Vladki on Today at 09:29:25 PM »
Really nice. I think this is big enough for even the biggest town. Although in reality big cities have city hall split into more buildings, and even separate city halls for each part of the city.
For smallest towns you could use one of the side wings as a town hall, then the main building (perhaps without tower and later with tower), and the complete thing for the biggest towns.
Maybe for villages something completely different - like one of the backyard houses ;)
Pak256.Ex / Re: Development screenshot: vehicles
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 07:50:56 PM »
Looking splendid! It is lovely to see this pakset's development.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Signal aspect problems
« Last post by thegamer7893 on Today at 07:37:23 PM »
The choose signal facing trains on the down line at Crewe South Junction (towards the North and Scotland)

Pak128.Sweden-Ex / Re: pak128.Sweden-Ex Screenshots
« Last post by Ves on Today at 07:00:55 PM »
Back to the original topic. You could make it as 3 different stations: with roof (where the end tile has the nice end at the edge of tile like now), special transition (has end of roof everywhere), and just platform.

And maybe fourth, with open hall to see inside
True. However the best thing would now be if that extension request could perhaps be implemented! ;D

So, going back to the Ă–stersund city hall, this turned out to be a mere beast of a building.....

Meassuring 4 x 3 tiles, I guess this city hall should be for a rather big city. The real Ă–stersund has ca 50.000 inhabitants (wikipedia) which would count as a medium sized city in Sweden, so I wonder wether we need another city hall that is even bigger?

Anyway, that question will remain until potential new inspiration shows up!

The building is built of modules, which can be rearranged. I have painted one additional set of "endcaps" and a smaller terrace which currently is used on the smaller cityhall (meassuring only 4 x 2 tiles). I figure that one could perhaps squeeze one more city hall out of the graphics, but it should either be smaller (or bigger for that matter....) than the now two existing ones. I do anyway plan on painting one big middle section, which could be used together with the endcaps to create a building without the tower, however, that would need something else interresting instead.

Now the pictures:

Im especially proud of the backside:

And now the smaller city hall:

Backside of that:

If anyone see any inconsistence, for instance a reversed shadow, please let me know, since there are alot of details that one can overlook.
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