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Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: Speed bonus config ?
« Last post by ACarlotti on Today at 12:36:48 AM »
I'm not aware of any automated way to unpak a pak file, so I think the easiest thing will be the edit the pak files manually. You could do this with any binary or hex editor, and the source code in descriptor/reader/ and descriptor/writer/ will tell you what order the fields are in, and how big each one is.
Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: Speed bonus config ?
« Last post by Iluvalar on Yesterday at 11:06:34 PM »
Thank you very much. From what was said here, I get that the problem is not slow accelerating vehicles but max speed due to heavy payload.

Ideally i should fix that, but i don't have my source folders anymore. Is there anyway i could unpak the goods files in order to divide the weight by about 3 and paking it again ?
[CS]Tvorba / Re: České addons aneb naše lidová tvořivost-diskuze
« Last post by Vladki on Yesterday at 10:11:00 PM »
[CS]Tvorba / Re: České addons aneb naše lidová tvořivost-diskuze
« Last post by P4T SK1LL3R on Yesterday at 08:47:13 PM »
Tu uz som nebol poriadne dlho :D, a ked uz som tu tak rad by som sa vyjadril, ze taktiez by som mohol znovu pokracovat v tom co som neskoncil ;) no bohuzial cas je proti mne a to uz riadne dlho :D , snad po mature uz najdem cas a vrhnem sa do tvorby tak ako kedysi. Drzte palce ;D
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Fichiers source
« Last post by gauthier on Yesterday at 06:18:05 PM »
En fonction des stations déjà construites autour tout simplement. Par défaut le quai est au nord ou à l'ouest (vers le haut de l'écran) avec les stations SNFOS (incluses dans le pak128).
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Instability on the Bridgewater-Brunel server
« Last post by jamespetts on December 12, 2018, 10:34:37 PM »
I have just commenced a test of seeing whether the LMS Princess Coronation Royal class when paired with the debugging carriages will provoke a loss of synchronisation or not. Testing several other classes of locomotives would be helpful to have good data as to whether the locomotive is relevant to the loss of synchronisation and, if so, in what way and to what extent.

Edit: A loss of synchronisation can be reproduced with this class of locomotive on departing St. Mary Beddington towards Elmley.
Patches & Projects / Re: Automatic gui patch
« Last post by Leartin on December 12, 2018, 12:12:12 PM »
I did test with Korean for a bit, but did not see any specific problem.

I was under the impression that the patch should allow rescaling in general, by determining the minimum size of each element for it to not cause trouble. For flow text elements, the minimum size would technically be "enough to show one letter and a scrollbar".

This is a different issue from the size that windows should be opened. Personally, I think saving the user-set window sizes during gameplay is actually enough. My thinking here is that whenever someone starts the game for the first time, it would always start with the small theme and the old, unscalable font. We already have the sizes pre-patch to get an idea of how large windows with that font and small theme should be. Those would be used as the initial values for the saved window sizes.

That being said it still needs exploring about how to allocate space within a window. It seems to me that flow text would have priority over other elements, meaning that if extra space is available, it would be always used to expand the area for the flow text first, meaning elements that contain flow text would have priority as well. Every other element would then use the full space available to it, which is currently not done everywhere:
When you have a station window open and add an extension such that the capacity rises enough to require another digit, there is not enough room and you get three dots (...) instead, but it's fine if you reopen the window. So I assume the space allocated for that line ends at the minimum required space when you open it and does not get reallocated if the text changes. But I fail to see why not the full space up to the image on the right becomes reserved for that text.
When you start a new game, all the boxes for numbers have the same size, except for the city size. Since it's a two-column design, only the largest box size matters, so if all boxes had the same size, you would lose not a single pixel of space for text, and only gain uniformity. But more upsetting is the field for the map number, which has  a minimum size smaller then the largest number you could put in, and rescales when you make the window larger, even though there would have been space for it before. Especially since the map preview does not change it's shape when you change the map size. I can't quite make sense of that behaviour.

A bit more complicated would be the "place citybuilding" dialog, you currently have a two-column layout with even-sized columns, whenever one expands, the other does as well. Since you have flow text in the right column, I'd suggest that resizing the window should instead only expand the right column with that flow text, leaving the left one in it's minimum size. But since the preview now shows the whole building, it would not work as well with multi-tile buildings like curiosities. However, this could be solved by rearrange elements. Put both the list of objects AND the filter options for which elements to show in the list in the left column, above the list. This would make sense anyway, since those belong together. Then, you can place the preview on the bottom of the right column, beneath the buildings information.
This would go back to my idea from before: "Would it be possible to define a minimum area of a tile-sized square and not draw any part of the building outside that area, making the appearence in the smallest window similar to how it was before, but show more of the building if the window is rescaled?" In other words: Treat the preview image as if it was flow text, just without scroll bars.

I attached mockups. The first one is just the arrangement, the second is when there is less vertical space - for the flow text, scrollbars appear, and the image is reduced to 192px height with extra "cutoff"-lines. Same would happen to the sides with larger buildings.
Patches & Projects / Re: [gui] haltdetail lineinfo update
« Last post by hreintke on December 12, 2018, 11:29:00 AM »
Thanks, found the location in the convoi/schedule/schedule_entries.

Although you have to be careful to use this feature.
When updating the schedule (f.e. by adding a station) you loose the individual settings as they are replaced/removed by the line settings.
Patches & Projects / Re: Automatic gui patch
« Last post by Dwachs on December 12, 2018, 07:46:35 AM »
Did anybody test the patch with non-European languages like Japanese/Chinese?

The idea of the patch was that the program can figure out itself what initial size of any dialogue window should be. Still there is the problem with text elements: How to determine the size of flow text elements? I.e. elements that can adapt to any width?
Patches & Projects / Re: [gui] haltdetail lineinfo update
« Last post by Dwachs on December 12, 2018, 07:43:31 AM »
That information is in the schedule-entries of the individual convoys.
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