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Bridges weight is different from elevated ways. Elevated ways are the weight per tile of vehicle over them. Bridges are the total weight of all tiles of the vehicle.

Ah this would explain why the elevated ways seemed to be able to hold >90t. Is it a limitation of the engine that bridges are modelled like that? That makes sense for truss bridges where the main span is unsupported for several tiles but for brick viaducts each tile is supported.

By the 1850s I would have thought that brick making would be mature enough to produce high quality bricks just perhaps not very quickly or cheaply. Either way bricks, even low quality ones are very strong under compression which arched bridges take advantage of. Even if the bricks were poor quality higher quality bricks, or stone, were used in important areas such as the key stone (the older red brick elevated way even has stone detailing on the arches). Brunel's Maidenhead Bridge, constructed in 1838, is still in use today (though it was widened in the 1890s) and has a particularly flat arch showing how arch bridges take full advantage of the strengths bricks.

Perhaps it would be better if the stone elevated way was available for longer? Asides from looking ugly the wooden elevated way also has a very low speed limit so you are more limited in 1850 then you are in 1830 when it comes to building elevated ways. The brick viaduct does have a higher speed limit but it is not until the 1870s that trains are capable of consistently achieving speeds of >80km/h, and since elevated ways are usually built in urban areas near stations this is not much of a limitation.

I have created a spreadsheet on the different elevated ways available throughout the game which you can see here: (note that the figures for earthworks are for 2 unit high embankments.

As I mentioned before I think that elevated ways and bridges are far too cheap in relation to earthworks. Particularly in the early game where an embankment costs nearly 4 times as much as stone viaduct, and at this point in time the infinite weight and speed limits are irrelevant as no trains are anywhere close to being limited by the stone viaduct, also there is the additional cost of laying track on the embankment and, in urban areas, demolishing buildings. This is ignoring how much cheaper bridges are than embankments which is even more ridiculous. Civil engineering in the Victorian era should be very very expensive at the moment i think it is far too cheap to bridge your way across everything.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Median Town Population Stuck
« Last post by accord2 on Today at 03:04:20 PM »
I have found what I think it's the problem.
The base_meters_per_tile if I set to 7500 (with the bits per month and meters per tile modded to give 24H) it creates a very low number of population per building, like 1 or 2 people per house. If I set it to 1000 keeps giving a small number of population in relation to the city size. But I tried using the name meters per tile and base meters per tile value and population looks a bit better but even too weird. Eg: a 100 sq. km city with 8,760 habitants. And probably this value of base meters per tile will cause other problems in game play?
Bug Reports / Re: [120.4] Can not start with addons
« Last post by prissi on Today at 02:39:25 PM »
You copied a pak.nippon into overlay? It works fine for me (but you must use 120.4.1!)
Denied Requests & Patches / Re: reservation of longblocksignal
« Last post by prissi on Today at 02:35:29 PM »
It still means no further signals until the next stations, which will strongly reduce throughput on that stretch. You can get the same effect with a special station layout, see below. All tiles in the following belong to the same station. All signals can be used after and before (and even in the station).
Hi. Ranran made a new patch.(´・ω・`)
I believe this is a long-cherished ambition of the East Asian people. Please give them relief! ;)

Here is my Github branch.

This patch is only an improvement of display, and there should be no change in game play.
When playing in English, there should be no change.

In this patch, change the date and time notation in Japanese as follows.

This notation was strange in Japanese.


Yes, this has recently been implemented in standard.
Change from the standard is, it covers the depot window and construction date, and changes the order of year and month according to show_month setting in
The year and the month order is opposite to Western countries even on the depot window.

If show_month=2,5 and 9:

other, same as currently:

I extended option show_month = 9 .
It is the journey time equivalent indication of the bottom bar same as "show_month=9" but displays the year / month notation in YYYY/MM on the dialog (depot etc) .

I am incorporating and imitating standard's code for this patch and some variables have been changed from German to English according to the current standard's code.
Will these changes interfere with ACarlotti's work?

Converted words are:

Three translation texts are added by this patch.
It is for year/month/day symbol - (年/月/日).
It is same as Standard and recommended not to set anything except translated Japanese/Chinese(YYYY年MM月 style).

I attach .dat file for Simutranlator.
Simutrans Extended Development / Median Town Population Stuck
« Last post by accord2 on Today at 11:18:13 AM »
Okay, so I was testing different map settings and I used a median town population of 10. Now, I changed it to 100, 800, 900, and 1000 yet when I create a new map with the new values of town population, in game cities will keep to use the 10 median town population. For example a big city will have no more than 200 habitants.
PS: I edited the files so a month is 24H maybe its that?
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Matériel Français
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 11:02:52 AM »
Tiens au fait Gauthier, j'ai oublié de gueuler mais tu n'as pas testé mes addons ce week end ? Si ? :police:
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Makeobj, c'est cool mais c'est chiant
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 11:00:45 AM »
I beat it !

Merci ! Je commençais à désespérer... de la couleur est revenue dans ma vie ! (Non, j'abuse peut-être un peu mais on est pas loin de la réalité... ;) )
En tout cas, c'est compilé et tout roule !

Encore merci ! ;)
I've pushed a further improvement for partial saves to Github, which was discussed for Standard here. The improvment is that the temporary filename is derived from the given filename, making it safe to run multiple instances of Simutrans on one filesystem simultaneously.
I do not get why appending .part.

That was based upon the approach I have seen when downloading files from a web browser, where during the download the filename for the partial file has ".download" appended. I hadn't thought of filename length limits, however, and I think .sv_ is a better choice.
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