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I ran for a full month and the passenger numbers were higher than they had been previously - so I don't think there's an issue here.

Extended compliance isn't a priority and - frankly - is a lot of work for not much gain. At best it will be after the whole map is re-built. But it's more likely that I would simply start any new projects in Extended rather than Experimental.
General Resources and Tools / Re: New music for Simutrans
« Last post by Phystam on Today at 03:48:21 PM »
These tunes are now incorporated in Simutrans-Extended!
Thank you, Vladki. I fixed the bug just now.
James, I sent you the pull-request --- please find it.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Invert Map Panning
« Last post by An_dz on Today at 11:59:40 AM »
Totally agree, the current system is what I've been used to on all games I played in the 90's and early 2000. A reason I think inverse is only correct if your action is on the screen (e.g touching it) and not with a mouse.
This looks serious enough for an emergency update!
Yes, that would indeed be a useful feature. Thank you for your work on this in any event.
Thank you for confirming. I am in the process of looking into the other issue.
Paper mill is well supplied and producing, yet it is not loading the boat. Even before I have noticed that setting cargo lines to wait for 100% load has bad effects on timing calculations, which in turn make negative feedback loop and stop loading, or send cargo over insane detours if available. This is definitely a bug.

Vladki - can you elaborate on what the bad effect on timing calculations are? I am not entirely clear on precisely the nature of the incorrect behaviour being reported here. Perhaps there should be a specific bug report thread dedicated to this particular issue?

Matthew - for features, I do have a specific set of priorities, but, generally, bug fixes are a higher priority than new features (except where the amount of work that finding/fixing the bug would take would be out of all proportion to the benefit from fixing it).
No more field collisions detected. It also looks like quite a few pakset bugs were spotted and fixed in the process. Nice.

Field collision detection warning should really be a feature of the pakset maker. It would help avoid errors like these in the future.
Until 1868, the 1863 introduced narrow gauge locomotive (5t axle load) exceeds the weight limit of the narrow gauge railway (3t) and can thus not be used.
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