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Randomness Lounge / Re: Trains threaten Christmas
« Last post by prissi on Today at 03:03:57 PM »
That study came up from quick googling. But the atomic enrichment is very energy intensive. And the annual increase of electricity demand from 1970 to roughly 1980 in West Germany was due to construction of atomic power plants, that was a study from TUeV (who are rather pro nuclear).

Anyway, an enrichment company gives the figure of 2.4 MWh per SWU, and one needs 6-8 SWU per kg Uranium for a commercial reactor. That makes 7 x 2.4 = 16.8 MWh. In a typical light fuel reactor from the theoretical capacity of a kg Uranium only about 50-100 MW are used. With the electrical efficency of 32% this means that less than 33 MW are generated per kg. This is very easy to calculate, but the CO2 balance is quite a different piece (and we have neglected the Uranium extraction and the conversion to UF6 and back). So there is a net gain, but it is rather small.

Therefore, nuclear can generate less CO2 than methan or lignite, but it is far away from zero emission. (They just happen elsewhere.) It may be even dirtier when thing like long term storage and plant construction is also taken into account.

And Leartin, on my monitor it looks rather yellow ...
Just a reminder that having the convoy number displayed would help greatly.
My apologies: I have been very busy in the last few days: I will look into this when I have a chance.
Game Servers / Re: [Extended] "Canterbury and Whitstable"
« Last post by AP on Today at 09:08:43 AM »
I did but wasn't at my machine when it happened.
Randomness Lounge / Re: Trains threaten Christmas
« Last post by Leartin on Today at 08:42:06 AM »

Looks green to me :D

Prissi, the information you present come from a study without peer-review, criticized (among other things) for just guessing values, it's full of assumptions - nothing was actually measured. When measured for some plants, the values were not as high. If you look for them, you'll find studies about vaccines causing autism, earth being flat, earth being 5000 years old, chemtrails,... not saying this is as bad as those, but I wouldn't trust it.
Anyway, even considering it true, one could still ask Elon Musk if the construction couldn't be done using only electric vehicles. Comparing a bad nuclear power plant with a good gas fired plant still means that on average, nuclear is better than gas, and gas generally beats coal, so the question still stands whether nuclear power plants are more controversial than coal power plants, and why.
Game Servers / Re: [Extended] "Canterbury and Whitstable"
« Last post by Ves on Today at 08:33:37 AM »
Yes it crashed last night again, apperently with some 15-20 minutes loss of work.
Did you not get kicked out?
Game Servers / Re: [Extended] "Canterbury and Whitstable"
« Last post by AP on Today at 07:37:22 AM »
So the player passwords are reset again this morning - has that been reported as a bug?  I'm not clear what's causing it, do you know? Clearly it could be an issue with server game play in general.

This morning, I was starting a bunch of ships from shipyard  at around 0735 GMT and it kicked me out, now  "server does not respond". 

I saw (from the chat) that the server went down late yesterday evening as well.
This part of the code is not maintained. I have never tried to compile with this compile flag.
Randomness Lounge / Re: Trains threaten Christmas
« Last post by Ters on Today at 06:32:19 AM »
I think Venus would be a good choice for interplanetary dumping ground. It seems unlikely that we will ever have other uses for that planet. There might be life in the clouds, but they must tolerate a lot already.

And radiation is colorless, only the Cherenkov light (from faster than light particles from the decay) give the blueish hint.

Whether radiation is colorless depends on the kind of radiation, and the definition of color. Light radiates, and is therefore a kind of radiation. Gamma radiation is most definitively light, just of a "color" we can't perceive.
Randomness Lounge / Re: Trains threaten Christmas
« Last post by Isaac.Eiland-Hall on Today at 03:35:55 AM »
Incidentally, I recently learned that the most difficult problem with sending nuclear waste to the sun is NOT what happens if a rocket blows up in the atmosphere (although that would be a horrific problem) — it's actually that sending anything to land in the sun is not a trivial problem. It *seems* easy, but in fact, it will orbit the sun unless you decrease the orbital speed to the tune of something like 32,000 mph (or roughly 65-70 megameters per hour - too lazy for more accurate). It's just impractical to do that much energy. FAR easier to launch something that exits the solar system than something that smashes into the sun. :)
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