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Scenarios and Challenges / Re: Pak128 Scenario Tutorial
« Last post by Yona-TYT on Yesterday at 11:08:07 PM »
1.A: I could not reproduce it but the first time I tried the tutorial, I passed to 1.C without rotating the map and clicking out beloved Isaac. A quick idea: could it be caused by reloading the scenario ?
I do not know what may be happening, I have to investigate.
1.B: Maybe a warning is needed about pressing backspace so that the player does not unpurposedly close the scenario window ?
<st>Note:</st> By pressing the ";[Backspace]"</ em> key, all windows are closed, including the current scenario window.

1.B: After clicking on the townhall I barely had time to read the first word of the text displayed in Scenario Goal, than Chapter 2 camed. This unreadable text could be displayed from the beginning of chapter one, juste before the instruction to click on the townhall which makes the player end the chapter 1.
I can not see the text you say (this looks like a mystery XD).
2.A: press the [ctrl] key when dragging or clicking to build straight paths.

2.C: In order for the bus to be able to load passengers it is necessary that the stops are close to some building, can be misleading, what about For passengers to wait at the stop it is necessary that ? I also simplified the phrasing for not-very-English-speaking people until they get a translation in their language.
<h1> Bus Stops: </ h1>
In order for the bus to be able to load passengers it is necessary that the stops are close to some building, tourist attraction or factory. The stops have a storage capacity of 32, 64 or more. It is also possible to combine them to increase their load capacity along with their coverage. You can also extend the load type using extension buildings or stations that accept different types of load.

Can you help me with this?.
2.D: Warning, what is named "Inspection tool" (the typo is present at several places) here was formerly named "query tool".
2.F: The fact that three buses are needed is not explicit (unless I missed it ?).
The reason why I added 3 buses, is because I wanted to explain how the lines can be associated with several vehicles, but I do not have a good explanation for that.

What do you think about this: "You need to create a bus line to transport tourists from the dock in construction." ??
2.G.2: Connect the track here: talking about roads ?
<st> Connect the road here: </ st> {cbor}.

Generally, all types of way are called a track.
2.H: I don't speak a word of Spanish but I learnt "Paso H" thank to you ;) ... well I also know "Estacion" cause it's repeated every day on line 4 of the metro in Paris lol

2.G: What the "make stop public" does could be explained here. I did not even know before using it :p
What does this look like?:
<h1> Make Stop Public: </ h1>
This tool allows a stop or station to be public, this means that the player will no longer be the owner of it. This allows other players to associate with your transport network.

<st> Note: </ st> When publishing a stop / station, the player can no longer eliminate it (only the public service).

3.B: We could add, after building the tunnel itself, that pressing "t" selects the last selected track tool.
Leave me the text and I agg.  ;)
3.C: To see if a station accepts goods, there's also the small lump of ... something at top left of the icon.
This could be perfectly explained with an image, unfortunately the patch was never completed.  :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[
3.C: A note precising that each tile must be built contiguously to the already built ones would be perfect ;)
What does this look like?
<st> Note: </ st> The new slope should look in the same direction as the existing slope.
I have now run the second part of Dr. Supergood's proposed test (and this is on the server now - you will need to update the executable again, as I had to fix another crash bug to run this): with just Bay Transport and the other companies removed, the client still loses synchronisation with the server. This implies that the issue is not at the intersection between Bay Transport and another network, but rather internal to the Bay Transport network.
Bug Reports / Re: [120.4] Can not start with addons
« Last post by Vladki on Yesterday at 10:19:22 PM »
@Vladki, this should work better with a recent nightly (r>=8610).

Thanks, now it works on first hit... ;)
Thank you very much for testing: that is most helpful. That is a good idea for a further test, too, but first I want to test to see whether the fix to the bug that caused a crash actually fixed the desync by running the original saved game again: whilst this is very unlikely, because the two coincided, I need to rule this out before testing further. Then, I will proceed with Dr. Supergood's proposed further test.
Edit: The conclusion of the first part of the test is that the crash fix did not fix the loss of synchronisation. I will now proceed with Dr. Supergood's suggested test.
Pak128 Add-ons and Graphics / Re: new trailers and paintings for pak128
« Last post by sheldon_cooper on Yesterday at 09:06:30 PM »
The actual issue would probably be the goods, if they don't exist with the same name in pak128.german, your vehicles would stop the pakset from loading correctly, no matter which version is in use.

Exact! I had forgotten that detail.
With that, the trailers and truck that I created, will only work for pak128, with exeções for some pak that accept the products edited in English. Correct Leartin ?? :)
[DE]Deutsch (German) / Re: Neue Version von PAK128.german
« Last post by Lauscher on Yesterday at 08:43:03 PM »
Download geht nicht
Scenarios and Challenges / Re: Pak128 Scenario Tutorial
« Last post by Yona-TYT on Yesterday at 06:53:06 PM »
I forgot to mention that you need the last night, this was recently included:,18264.msg176213.html#msg176213
general ------------------------------------------------- ---------
New function that allows to mark the tracks while they are built intermittently.- Restrictions in the construction of tracks / roads: now you can not create intercections, this to avoid closed loops since these make script enter an infinite loop, you will notice that it will only be possible to join the tracks / tracks only at the marked end of Red.Chapter 1 ------------------------------------------------ ---------
The statue of the good Issac and the town hall are now intermittent (they are marked and unmarked)
Episode 2  ------------------------------------------------ --------
step 1 ---------
Now the deposit road can be joined from two points.
Chapter 3 ------------------------------------------------ ---------
step 8 ---------------
I have corrected an error that occurred due to a regression in the simutrans code, now an additional tunnel section must be built.
step 10 ---------------
Changes in the route of passenger trains, now all trains share the same route.
Chapter 4 ------------------------------------------------ ---------
Chapter 5 is added experimentally.
 -------------------------------------------------- -------

You can get the last night here !! ->
Been connected to the server well over an hour. Even survived a save/load cycling of someone joining. No desyncs at all.

EDIT: A thought occurred to me. Now that we know removing Bay Transport solves the OoS, we have to prove that it is Bay Transport causing the OoS and not his interactions with everyone (since practically all companies connected to him in some way). Hence I propose restarting the server with a save that removes all other companies except Bay Transport and seeing if it OoSes still. If it does, then the problem is something in Bay's network and the removal of other companies might make this easier to identify.
Bug Reports / Re: [120.4] Can not start with addons
« Last post by Lauscher on Yesterday at 05:01:31 PM »
Geht gar nicht warum wird das Online gestellt ? Sucht doch wenigstens einmal 1 oder 2 Leute die diese Version Testen !
Bug Reports / Re: [120.4] Can not start with addons
« Last post by Lauscher on Yesterday at 04:57:57 PM »
Da hab ich bessere Bilder was alles
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