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Title: Simutrans 111.3
Post by: prissi on June 17, 2012, 08:37:29 PM
The multi-threaded code is still disabled. Most noticeable difference is the new map window, the powerlines underground, and an pakset downloader, if simutrans is started without paksets.

ATTENTION: Addons now reside inside a folder "addons" in the simutrans folder. Please move your addons into that folder!

MS Windows user should use the
Online-Installer (

Those versions do not support IPv6 on windows for largest compatibility down to win98. If needed I can provide IPv6 builds.

If you want to download manually, you will need an executable and a pak-set.

Windows native ( (new) (you may need unicows.dll ( for Win9x)
Window with SDL ( (new)
Linux with SDL and SDL_mixer ( (new)
Haiku with SDL ( (new)
Mac OSX/Intel with SDL ( (new)
Mac OSX/PowerPC with SDL ( (new)

Pak64 111.3 (new)
pak64 Basics (
64pak food chain (

Pak64.german 110.0c
pak64.german 110.0c ( (reorganized)
pak64.german addons (mostly for tourists) 110.0c ( (reorganized)
pak64.german industry addons 110.0c ( (reorganized)

Pak64.HAJO 102.2.2
pak64 HAJO for 102.2.2 (

Pak64.japan 111.3 (new)
pak64 japan (beta) (

Pak64.contrast 102.2
pak64 contrast (

Pak64.HO-scale "latest"
pak64 HO-scale (

Pak96.comic V0.4.10
pak96.comic (

Pak96.HD 100.0
pak96.HD (0.4) (

Pak128 V 2.1
pak128 2.0 (

Pak128.japan 110.0.1
pak128 Japanfor 110.0.1 (

Pak128.britain (0.11) (new)
pak128 Britain v0.11 (

Pak128.german 0.3
Pak128 German 0.3 (

pak192.Comic 102.2.1
pak192 Comic 102.2.1 (

pak48.excentrique 0.17 (new)
pak84 Excentrique (

Pak32.comic 102.0
pak32.comic for 102-0 (

makeobj 53
Windows (
Linux (
BeOS/Haiku (

Release of 111.3 (r5772 on 10-Jun-2012):
    FIX: race condition with multithreads on GDI
    CHG: savegames will be saved as "_temp.sve" and only renamed after after success to the final name
    ADD: screen redraw will be now up to 50% faster when needed thanks to multi-threading
    ADD: hashtables for animations and smoke => much faster adding/removing
    ADD: (from yorkeiser/prissi) line display in minimap (toggle with show schedule together with pax, mail, freight button) CONTRL will use player colors
    CNG: Order and function of many minimap buttons rearranged
    ADD: enable dragging of lower & raise tools in network mode
    ADD: enable dragging of bridge, tunnel, elevated way tools in network mode
    ADD: zoomlevel in minimap from -16 to 16
    ADD: Start paksetdownloaded, when started without paksets
    FIX: (z9999+) Corrected speedbonus base faktor calculations
    FIX: (z9999+) Nickname in chat also send to server for reloads
    FIX: (installer/pakset updater) better finding out if portable installation is needed
    ADD: change of waiting at stops option in minimap
    CHG: Withdraw all will not disassemble convois in depots for easier upgrading
    FIX: route search for runways with oneway signs was broken
    FIX: main menu was not updated when new modes of transport became available
    ADD: (kierongreen) powerline tunnels: allow_undergroud_transformers=1 (default) will allow transformers below ground
    FIX: deleting tunnel ground was booked twice
    FIX: deleting tunnel ground charged for way on tunnel, which is not charged when building
    CHG: Only founding a city when account is positive
    CHG: powerlines will connect in directions a powerline can be build on a tile
    ADD: threaded (but with graphic errors) tile redraw will by used automatically when fps too low
Title: Re: Simutrans 111.3
Post by: Dwachs on June 18, 2012, 06:35:26 PM
sourceforge downloads are now working.