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Title: [Guidelines] The use of Other paksets board
Post by: IgorEliezer on October 28, 2012, 02:08:37 AM
Other paksets board

To avoid redundant or mindless projects, here are some guidelines:

1) Only open a topic to start a new project if you provide a proof that you have done some work, for example in-game screenshots, images or drafts.

2) Please do not ask people to make things for you. If you already have something done, just let people know that you are accepting contributions.

3) A pakset project with a playable release or a very active development may be granted a child board (

4) You can't start a new topic about a project if there is already an open topic about it. While the pakset doesn't have its own child board, all discussions must be contained in one topic. The exception is given when a moderator confirm that the existing project was abandoned.