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Title: Simutrans 112.1
Post by: prissi on December 24, 2012, 10:30:26 PM
Mostly a bugfix release attempting at fixing several issues around network games, like a patch to avoid sending to much of goods without consumption. Also the depot window got a major overhaul, and the factory window now show information about active suppliers within last month.

ATTENTION: Addons now reside inside a folder "addons" in the simutrans folder. Please move your addons into that folder! Scenario folder also has changed!

Installer for Windows

MS Windows user should use the Online-Installer (

Those versions do not support IPv6 on windows for largest compatibility down to win98. If needed I can provide IPv6 builds.

If you want to download manually, you will need an executable and a pakset.


Windows native ( (new) (you may need unicows.dll ( for Win9x)
Window with SDL ( (new)
Linux with SDL and SDL_mixer ( (new)
Haiku with SDL ( (new)

Mac OSX/Intel with SDL ( (waiting for nightly server!)
Mac OSX/PowerPC with SDL ( (waiting for nightly server!)

PakSets - graphic packages

112.1 (new)
pak64 Basics (
64pak food chain (

Pak64.german 110.0c
pak64.german 110.0c (
pak64.german addons (mostly for tourists) 110.0c (
pak64.german industry addons 110.0c (

Pak64.Classic 102.2.2
pak64 Classic for 102.2.2 (

Pak64.japan 112.0
pak64 japan (beta) (

Pak64.contrast 102.2
pak64 contrast (

Pak64.HO-scale "latest"
pak64 HO-scale (

Pak96.comic V0.4.10 extended
pak96.comic (

Pak96.HD 100.0
pak96.HD (0.4) (

Pak128 V 2.2 (new)
pak128 2.2 (

Pak128.japan 110.0.1
pak128 Japanfor 110.0.1 (

Pak128.britain (0.12) (new)
pak128 Britain v0.12 (

Pak128.german 0.41
Pak128 German 0.41 (

pak192.Comic 102.2.1
pak192 Comic 102.2.1 (

pak48.excentrique 0.18
pak84 Excentrique (

Pak32.comic 102.0
pak32.comic for 102-0 (


makeobj 55

Windows (
Linux (
BeOS/Haiku (

Release of 112.1: (r6212 on 23-Dec-2012):
   ADD: transparent chat window in networkmode
   FIX: underground stations in networkmode
   ADD: (Markohs) Scenario and heightmap dialogs now support multi-directory
   ADD: (Markohs) File dialogs deletes now use the trash bin (by default) instead of a permanent delete in Windows platform. SHIFT overrides.
   FIX: waiting level in schedule dialog works with keys again
   FIX: convoi list filtering again in working order
   ADD: hide by default return ticket for rail based transport (enable by
   ADD: possibliblity to limit the amount of goods in transit (see
   ADD: city attractions and town halls can be defined to be build for more than 65535 citizens
   FIX: you will need a dock to connect to an oil rig => no islands or tunnel can be used any more => ships only load at docks
   ADD: display which factories supplied/recieved goods last month
   ADD: player without operations can be deleted after x month
   ADD: player without new buidling/replacing activities can lose password protection
   ADD: logging of ip/nickname of company creators
   ADD: nettool commands to lock, unlock, remove a company
   ADD: (Timothy) support for syslog (compile flag -DSYSLOG, command-line option -syslog)
   ADD: Restore city window on joining
   ADD: Restore chat window on joining
   ADD: Restore factory window on joining
   FIX: correctly remove stale freight from convois when stops are joined or tiles are deleted
   FIX: less desyncs when renaming, better processing server queue
Title: Re: Simutrans 112.1
Post by: Dwachs on December 25, 2012, 07:17:09 AM
thank you very much!
Title: Makeobj 55.1 Release
Post by: Dwachs on January 07, 2013, 07:46:54 PM
Here is the release of Makeobj 55.1 - only bugfixes (based on r6246)

Windows (
Linux 64 bit (