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Title: More city and street names
Post by: MCollett on April 21, 2013, 02:05:55 AM
In case they may be of use either to the pak maintainers or to individual players, I attach the lists of city and street names that I have recently been using with Pak128.Britain.

The city names are based on a list of all contemporary cities and towns in England (courtesy of Wikipedia), with some changes:
The resulting list has 976 entries.

The street names are extracted from the Ordnance Survey's gazetteer of all streets in Great Britain; specifically, they are the names that appear at least 8 times in the gazetteer.   Note that this does not necessarily mean there are 8 distinct streets with that name, since one street may appear multiple times if it changes road number or crosses multiple local authority areas.  Some further automated filtering has been done, but there are probably still a few undesirable oddities on the list that I have failed to notice, since it has almost 15 thousand entries.

Best wishes,
Title: Re: More city and street names
Post by: The Hood on April 21, 2013, 08:51:15 PM
Thanks for this. Should provide more variety to city and street names.