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Title: 11.00 Industry and Railway Feedback
Post by: Jando on July 12, 2013, 01:56:03 PM
Hello again! I'm having problems to deal with the amount of goods the industries order during the early days.

Again a screenshot for illustration. Here's an overview of my current network and my main freight yard: 7 brigs on 4 routes bring resources from various ports: planks, flour, milk and coal. The problem is they bring lots of them cause many industries (all but the builder's yard) order lots of resources, here's a screenshot of the amount of goods currently in the freight yard: And the industries keep ordering even more!

I can't see any way to deal with that amount of goods with horse-drawn railways, it's hard to better utilize the railway track cause there are no signals available in 1800 and the maintenance costs for railway track (96 credits per km!) preclude building double or dedicated tracks. In the screenshots I have tried to introduce three "phantom" stations as "signals", called XYZ Block, in an attempt to utilize the track better, but of course then I run into the loading times-"blues" :P cause the trains spend time loading at these stations although there's nothing to load. :)

For example the dairy (monthly demand 69 crates) has now 608 crates in transit, the coal merchant (monthly demand 79t) has now 560 tons in transit somewhere. In a way this is weird cause the industries' demand drives my economy, with the brigs bringing in most of the revenue - but almost all of that revenue then gets eaten by the railway track maintenance costs.

BTW, 2nd most expensive thing on my maintenance list are the passenger docks, with monthly 300 credits per dock. Of course one can use a "cheat" to work around that, building 2 staging inns instead of a passenger dock, roughly same capacity and costs onls 17.92 credits instead of 300. :)
Title: Re: 11.00 Industry and Railway Feedback
Post by: greenling on July 12, 2013, 03:12:21 PM
Hello Jando
That are very strange Bugs they you have Fund.
Title: Re: 11.00 Industry and Railway Feedback
Post by: jamespetts on July 12, 2013, 05:29:50 PM
In the years before the invention of the steam locomotive, canals were the most effective way to transport serious amounts of good inland. Horse operated railways and horse drawn road vehicles were insufficient to meet the demands of industry. You will find that canals have a much higher capacity than pre-steam locomotive railways: I suggest using canals for bulk goods transport during this era.