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Title: Fixed Menu icon
Post by: Tazze on December 06, 2013, 01:32:08 AM
Moved from here (

I'm sorry to make some waste Thread.
As I said before,I fixed landscape menu icon,but the source didn't inside.
so, I made new topic here.

Source is here:


Please add them to new_menus.dat.
Code: [Select]
# water height edit
Image[33]=> menu_buttons.0.14
Image[34]=> menu_buttons.1.14
# climates
Image[35]=> menu_buttons.0.15
Image[36]=> menu_buttons.1.15
Image[37]=> menu_buttons.0.16
Image[38]=> menu_buttons.1.16
Image[39]=> menu_buttons.0.17
Image[40]=> menu_buttons.1.17
Image[41]=> menu_buttons.0.18
Image[42]=> menu_buttons.1.18
# slope tool icons x2
Image[43]=> menu_buttons.0.19
Image[44]=> menu_buttons.0.20
Image[45]=> menu_buttons.1.19
Image[46]=> menu_buttons.1.20

Please add them to
Code: [Select]

This is no problem. Thank you.